Payroll Manager Jobs

Here at JGA Payroll Recruitment, we place Payroll Manager Jobs across the UK and EMEA.

We have successfully placed payroll managers for small and multi-national companies.  Some may be sole-role payroll management roles managing payrolls from 100 – 1000 employees whereas as others may be managing large, multi-sited or even globally based payroll teams consisting of over 100,000 employees! 

Typical Responsibilities For A Payroll Manager May Include:

  • Directing and managing payroll procedures
  • Preparing payroll reports that include savings deductions, exemptions and insurance coverage
  • Ensuring compliance with applicable laws and tax obligations
  • Identifying payroll liabilities and process improvements
  • Analysing payroll reports and interpreting data to deliver strategic organisational improvements
  • Implementing new payroll systems, procedures and controls
  • Supervising payroll teams and providing training and guidance as needed
  • Processing and distributing employee payments by issuing checks, direct transfers or other payment methods

Key Soft Skills Include:

  • Attention to detail: These professionals use their keen eye to ensure records are accurately kept and finances are balanced properly for employee pay.

  • Mathematical skills: Payroll managers are responsible for handling many important calculations, so they must have a thorough understanding of basic math principles and be comfortable doing simple and more complex calculations.

  • Computer literacy: Payroll managers are expected to have computer skills and a familiarity with basic payroll software systems such as ADP, SAP, Workday, Dayforce, Sage, iTrent or Kronos. They should also know how to use spreadsheet software, like Microsoft Excel to conduct finance tracking and create reports.

  • Discretion: Employee compensation can be a sensitive subject, therefore payroll managers should practice discretion and be able to discuss matters related to taxes, finances or insurance with employees confidentially.

  • Communication: Payroll managers need to be able to handle employee questions regarding payroll, taxes and financial policies. Strong communication skills, including effective verbal and written communication and active listening, can help these professionals explain complex topics in understandable terms.

  • Leadership: Strong leadership skills can enable these professionals to communicate with, guide and encourage their team. They may also use conflict resolution and problem-solving skills related to managing teams as well as employee finances.

Payroll is a very niche industry and requires a specialist set of skills.  It is for this reason, that working with the UK’s leading payroll recruitment agency is essential if you want to secure the best payroll talent for your business.  JGA Recruitment won Best Small Permanent Agency at the RDLC Awards (2020) and Best Payroll & HR Recruitment Specialists Award (2019) provided by the CV Coaching and Recruitment Awards.

Managing Director Nick Day possesses over 18 years of payroll recruitment expertise and his team possess over 130 additional years experience recruiting payroll candidates for payroll jobs across the UK and EMEA. If you have a payroll manager vacancy that requires assistance, Contact 01727800377 or email [email protected].

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