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A Specialist HR Recruitment Agency

JGA HR Recruitment Agency, the premier UK HR employment agency attracting the top 15% of HR talent for its clients UK wide.

As HR recruitment specialists, our 24/7/365 one-to-many digital approach to recruitment has changed the landscape for HR recruitment agencies in London and beyond.  We’ve redesigned the traditional Human Resources recruitment process and turned it on its head.  Our inbound strategies enable us to engage passive HR talent including HR Directors, HR Managers and HR Business Partners who are not accessible to conventional methods of recruitment.  Our innovative strategies allow us to provide clients with the best HR agency experience by sourcing the best HR candidates available –  the top 15%.

  • Click here to access our unique 7-Point HR Recruitment System
  • We focus on quality, not quantity to deliver a value-added experience that results in ‘hiring better HR talent faster’. 


  • A specialist HR recruitment agency with over 100+years combined experience in our HR recruitment consultants
  • We focus on only attracting top 15% of HR talent for your business
  • We offer deep search contingency and retained HR search services
  • Curators of multiple thought-provoking and industry-leading HR whitepapers, articles and blogs


 Your problems:

  • Poor quality services provided by generalist agencies with a lack of HR specialist knowledge?
  • You find yourself constantly reviewing poor or duplicate CV’s?
  • Do agencies fail to attract the right level of HR professionals for your business?
  • A lack of imagination or expertise from your other recruitment agencies unskilled in advanced social sourcing?
  • Do you experience poor ROI due to recruiters delivering sub-standard QoH (Quality of Hire) candidates?
  • Are agencies unable to curate good enough content to gain authority to attract high calibre inbound HR applications?
  • Subsequently, you are unable to attract the top 15% of HR talent to your business?

Our solutions:

  • We’re one of the best HR recruitment agencies in the UK, with significant HR search expertise who excel in delivering high calibre Human Resources professionals
  • We access diverse HR talent pools providing our clients with ‘never seen before’ HR candidates.
  • We utilise Deep, Advanced Social Platform and Boolean Search techniques to locate passive HR talent (the top 15%)
  • We’ve implemented inbound 24/7/365 one-to-many digital HR attraction strategies
  • We curate original recruitment HR content across videos, Vlogs, articles, blogs, whitepapers, podcasts, and webinars
  • We align candidates’ personalities with your culture resulting in more control, better retention and maximum ROI.
  • We de-risk recruitment processes by accessing HR talent motivated by your job & brand – not just by pay.
  • Our HR recruitment value is found in placement longevity and retention, not volume and placement numbers.
  • We follow our unique 7-point HR recruitment system to attract the top 15% of HR talent for your business

If you are seeking a specialist team of HR recruiters and you have a niche recruitment HR job that we can assist with then please do contact us. 

Still unsure?  Click here to access our free 7-Point HR Recruitment System

Tel: 01727 800 377

Email: info@jgarecruitment.com



·       HR Director Jobs
·       HR Managers Jobs
·       CIPD Generalist Jobs
·       HRIS Jobs
·       Employee Relations Jobs
·       HR Officer Jobs
·       HCM Consultant Jobs
·       Resourcing Professional Jobs
·       HR Business Partner Jobs
·       Global Mobility Specialist Jobs
·       Analytics and RPA Jobs
·       Talent Jobs
·       Organisational Development Jobs
·       HR Project Manager Jobs
·       Software HR Consultant Jobs
·       Learning & Development Jobs

JGA Recruitment Group is one of the UK’s leading specialist Human Resources recruitment agencies in, but not limited to:

Roles we recruit for include, but are not limited to:

  • HR Director
  • HR Business Partner
  • Human Resources Generalist
  • Employee Relations

Do you want to access the top 15% of HR talent for your business? If you do then please book a 15 Minute Client Discovery Call and discover how we can help you recruit top talent, improve ROI and experience excellent retention.  Contact us on 01727 800 377 or email info@jgarecruitment.com.

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