About JGA Recruitment Group

JGA Recruitment Group specialises in attracting the top 15% of Payroll and HR talent for its clients.

Founded in 2008, JGA Recruitment launched in the belief the industry needed a new approach to candidate search and selection.  The business has since experienced significant growth.  Our unique, proactive and focused inbound 24/7/365 digital approach to recruitment has changed the recruitment landscape.  We have redesigned the traditional recruitment process and turned it on its head.  Our inbound strategies enable us to engage passive talent not accessible to conventional methods of recruitment.  Our innovative process allows us to provide clients with the best payroll, HR and Marketing candidates available –  the top 15%.

We become a leading authority:

As an employment agency, we have become the leading authority in the provision of payroll recruitment, HR recruitment and marketing recruitment services in the UK.

Thanks to over 100 years combined experience; we can access phenomenal passive candidate networks.  We utilise these for payroll recruitment, HR recruitment and marketing recruitment client assignments every day.  We operate on both a contingency and a retained basis.

To date, JGA Recruitment has proudly recruited, influenced and progressed 1000’s of Payroll, HR and Marketing careers within the industry.  We aim to recruit, influence and progress 1000’s more in the future too!

A new recruitment methodology

We’ve dedicated significant time, resources and investment to mapping the payroll, HR and Marketing industries from top to bottom.  We have undertaken the research, initiated the due diligence, and made the investment required to locate top talent for you.  Our recruitment methodology is designed to save you three critical elements: time, energy and money.

Based on CIPD research, the average cost of a poor hiring decision can amount to three times the annual salary offered to a candidate that does not work out.  This research formed the basis of our “7-Point Recruitment System”.  The first recruitment system of its kind, it has proven to attract the top 15% of talent proactively.  We recommend you try it for yourself. 

Our 7-Point Recruitment System:

Each JGA Recruitment Consultant possesses, on average, over ten years Payroll, HR or Marketing experience.  It is easy to see why we are preferred suppliers to many leading businesses.  Our clients range from globally renowned companies to FTSE 100 corporations, pioneering SME’s and public-sector organisations.  We recruit across all sectors, all levels and in all locations throughout the UK and EMEA.

Businesses now rely on us to locate the best payroll, HR or marketing talent for their operations.  Our subject matter expertise and 7-point system arm us with the tools to provide you with a new recruitment experience.  We believe we offer truly consultative payroll recruitment, HR recruitment and marketing recruitment services. Focused on quality, not quantity; we aim to deliver a value-added experience that enables clients to ‘hire better talent faster’. 

 Typical roles we recruit include:

 HR Placements Payroll Placements Marketing Placements
·       Global and UK HR Director ·       EMEA Payroll Managers/Directors ·       International Marketing Directors
·       Human Resources Managers ·       UK Payroll Directors and Managers ·       Product Marketing Professionals
·       CIPD Generalists ·       Business Analysts ·       Channel Marketing Professionals
·       HRIS ·       Programme Managers ·       Copy Writing Specialist
·       Employee Relations ·       EMEA Payroll Specialists ·       Digital Marketing Managers
·       HR Officers ·       Payroll Developers ·       Creative Designers
·       HCM Consultants ·       Project Managers ·       E-commerce Managers/Specialists
·       Resourcing Professionals ·       Implementation Consultants ·       Graduate Marketing
·       HRBP’s ·       Supervisors/Team Leaders ·       Creative Professionals
·       Global Mobility Specialists ·       Pensions Specialists/Managers ·       UK Marketing Directors
·       Analytics and RPA ·       Reward Specialists/Managers ·       Marketing Managers
·       Talent Professionals ·       Payroll Administrators ·       Digital Marketing Specialists
·       Organisational Development ·       Sole Payroll Managers ·       Communications Specialists
·       HR Project Managers ·       RPA and Analytics ·       Social Media Professionals
·       Software HR Consultants ·       Sales Development Managers ·       Investor Relations Professionals
·       Learning & Development ·       Reward and Benefits Specialists ·       Offline Professionals

About the Founder, Nick Day

For over 15 years, I worked as a recruitment director within Payroll, HR and marketing. I am an MA graduate, who has developed incredibly vast networks of specialist professionals during this time.  As founder of JGA Recruitment, my core wish is to deliver a client and candidate experience that surpasses any competitor.

My top 15% of talent belief:

Typically, a top 15% candidate will be a ‘passive candidate’ rather than an ‘active candidate’ found on a job board.  Consequently, I train our teams to locate skilled ‘passive candidates’ not found via traditional recruitment methods for our clients.  Our process is, therefore, focused on inbound engagement.  In my experience, engaged, committed candidates are far more intrinsically committed than those only moving jobs for better pay.  The net result is improved candidate retention for clients and higher job satisfaction for candidates. This belief is at the core of everything we do.

Keynote speaker and Podcast Presenter:

I consider myself a leading authority on all aspects of payroll, HR and marketing recruitment.  I write regular articles that tackle the latest industry news and innovations.  I am also the founder of Payrolljobsboard.com and am the presenter of ‘The Payroll Podcast”.  I am also a regular recruitment speaker at industry events.  Recent events have included those hosted by the CIPP (Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals), Learn Centre and Global Payroll Association.

Fantastic feedback and reviews:

Clients and candidates routinely review JGA Recruitment, and I am proud of our independent Google 5-star reviews.  We love searching and selecting the best payroll, HR and marketing candidates for our clients.  We are also extremely passionate about exceeding expectations.  Why – because we want to deliver the best talent available.  We want your fantastic recruitment experience to become synonymous with our brand, JGA Recruitment.

Why we love Einstein:

Einstein famously said that “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”.  We want you to discover a new approach to recruitment, so you too can experience a different result.  We want you to try JGA Recruitment.

Contact us today:

If you have a payroll, HR or Marketing vacancy that requires assistance, contact us and let us locate an excellent candidate for your business.   Mitigate your risk and hire someone amazing.

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