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*Guest Article* Understanding Generation Z – Alex Atherton

Gen Z is the most important generational shift so far, but their experiences and outlook are not understood well enough by those who have come before them. Gen Z has huge, yet mostly untapped, potential to meet the challenges of today. By 2025 Gen Z will form over a quarter of the UK workforce. The older ones are already in management positions in large companies or ripping up the rulebook on their own. Their importance in the workplace will grow with every passing year.

*Guest Article* How To Beat Imposter Syndrome When Applying For Jobs

If you suffer from Imposter Syndrome, you are dealing with a persistent inability to realistically assess your suitability for a role. You’re not alone – it takes up head space in a large number of people (estimated at around 70% of the population – with Albert Einstein, Serena Williams, Tom Hanks, and Lady Gaga among celebrity sufferers), but that doesn’t help when applying for jobs, and especially during job interviews, when it is important to be (and to be seen to be) confident in your competence and skills.

(On-demand webinar) The Payroll Proficiency Index: What are the six key drivers that impact payroll performance?

A new Payroll Proficiency Index, created by HR & Payroll specialists SD Worx, asked over 1,300 businesses across Europe to assess six different drivers that make Payroll easier or more difficult.

Join our panel of seasoned experts as we dissect the results gathered across UK, Germany, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands – and offer insights on how you can boost your own payroll proficiency.

Rescripting Employee Experiences with Lindsey Caplan #64

Nick Day is joined on The HR L&D Podcast by screenwriter turned Organizational Psychologist, Lindsey Caplan, an organizational psychologist and communication strategist who helps HR, Marketing, and Business Leaders script employee experiences that help boost engagement and retention for the long-term, via her consultancy, The Gathering Effect.  Did you know organisational change fails 70% of the time? In this episode we discover how rescripting employee experiences and effective gatherings can help HR and business leaders script their change efforts for the enduring effects they want to achieve.

Payroll Question Time: June/July 2022 Legislation Update #88

Join SD Worx UK & Ireland’s expert Payroll Question Time panel as we discuss the latest payroll legislation updates, including the latest payroll threshold changes, effective from 6th July,  Holiday pay pitfalls, the Cost of Living impacts, including bonuses, impact on universal credits, and the living wage as well as a host of other hot topics and legal case update.  The PQT panel also respond to live payroll questions from payroll professionals based across the UK in a live Q&A.  Hosted by JGA Recruitment Group Founder, Nick Day

LinkedIn Profile Optimization for Professionals with Donna Serdula #63

Nick Day is joined on The HR L&D Podcast sofa by Linkedin influencer. Donna Serdula, who has been pivotal in pioneering the concept of LinkedIn Profile Optimisation for Professionals and she now helps business leaders across the globe to maximise the potential of their Linkedin profiles.  Today. she shares some of her best Linkedin profile secrets to help you unlock your Linkedin profile potential!

The Future of Global Payroll with Danny Gillespie #87

Nick Day is joined on The Payroll Podcast sofa by Danny Gillespie, President, Global Managed Payroll at Safeguard Global. Danny has more than 20 years of operational experience, from working at pre-revenue startups to Fortune 100 global enterprises.  However, in his current role at Safeguard Global, Dannie oversees client implementation, global service delivery, client relationship management and partner management teams.