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“Outdream Yourself” — Womenomics, Role Models and Boardroom Politics

Glass Ceilings Women in business have traditionally experienced considerable challenges progressing beyond a certain level. The glass ceiling is a well-known and discussed phenomenon where women are understood to face invisible barriers that make it difficult for them to advance beyond a certain point in their careers. While women represent 50% of the workforce at […]

Survey: 1 in 2 managers will leave their company in the next year. What would make them stay?

A new report on talent retention reveals how companies can take better care of their top performers, and prevent them from leaving. The award-winning online training platform for businesses, TalentLMS, partnered up with Dr. Ashley Prisant from Harvard University on a survey about manager retention. The survey report reveals the reasons why managers stay loyal […]

4 Ways to Take Your Influencer Marketing Campaign to the Next Level (with infographic)

Written by Andriana Moskovska from www.smallbizgenius.net Influencer marketing has proven to be a powerful marketing tool. In fact, research shows that businesses who implemented an influencer marketing campaign in 2018 saw a 520% return on investment.   On the other end of the spectrum, nearly 50% of consumers rely on influencers’ recommendations or reviews before […]

Will Brand Video Games Replace Mobile Marketing?

As more and more consumers use mobile devices as their main way to engage with brands, mobile marketing has become an essential method for connecting with consumers. However, banner ads have been proven to be ineffective and video ads often feel intrusive on mobile devices. As brands have looked for ways to engage with users […]

Marketing Trends | 9 Trends That Will Enhance Your Strategy

Over and again we hear about the same marketing trends that will help you in 2019/20. It’s clear that social media has been listed among these trends, but rarely do we see written the specifics and details of what you can and should do with this marketing trend. It goes far deeper than simple Twitter […]

Using Brand Video Games To Enhance Your Message

When you’re looking for new ways to engage with your audience and grow your brand, mobile, social, and brand video games are something that you cannot afford to ignore. Price Waterhouse Cooper (www.pwc.co.uk) estimates that the worldwide video games industry will be worth almost $20 Billion by 2020, illustrating the fact that games are no […]

Are payroll systems sold meeting expectations?

In the payroll industry, there are hundreds of payroll systems and services that companies can choose that enable them to carry out payroll operations more efficiently and effectively. Compared to manual processes, a payroll system will usually speed up payroll processes tremendously, and help to reduce human error. In theory, payroll systems allow more significant […]

Is the future of digital marketing a virtual one?

The Experience Economy The term “experience economy” was first coined by B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore who used it in an article describing it as the “next economy to follow the service economy” back in 1998. The idea is that businesses engineer memorable events for its consumers so that the memory of the experience itself becomes the […]