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Payrolling Employees with Bitcoin & Crypto Payments – with Jonathan Chester #60

How can Bitcoin/crypto payroll transform & revolutionize payroll?  Bitwage offers solutions for workers to receive wages in various currencies, including Bitcoin as well as other Cryptocurrencies. Since joining the Blockchain ecosystem in 2013, Jonathan has consulted members of the European Parliament, Dutch banks & regulators, as well as the Californian Senate regarding the regulation of the blockchain industry.  Today we find out about the pros and cons of Bitcoin/crypto payroll…in fact, are there any cons at all?  Listen to find out!

SD Worx June Payroll Question Time 2021: Legislation Update

June Payroll Question Time: Legislation Update Join our expert panel, and hundreds of members of the Payroll & HR community, at our monthly interactive webinar. We break down all the latest changes in legislation and field your burning questions through our live Q&A. What is on the agenda?  PENP Termination payments  NMW/NLW rates for 2022 […]

Global Touchless Payroll & RPA – with Richard Limpkin #59

Chief Product Officer, Richard possesses over 20 years of focussed experience in the Human Capital Management (HCM) and Global Payroll technology space where he has been focused on improving the efficiency of the global payroll process for clients worldwide. Being at the cutting edge of global payroll tech, in this Global Touchless Payroll & RPA episode of the Payroll Podcast, we discover how organisations can achieve global touchless payroll operations, we explore the impact of RPA on traditional payroll and we discuss the future role data and analytics has to play as the global payroll landscape continues to evolve.

Why Performance Feedback is Essential For Success with Tina Clements #37

Tina Clements is a high energy, Learning & Development expert and author of “The Art of Facilitation” who is focused on helping businesses to move  forward by motivating and growing talent.  Ciritical to optimising the performance of workforces is feedback.  We discuss the importance of giving performance feedback; how we can bring it more relevance; and why it is more essential than ever that we provide it as we move in to remote ways of working.

HMRC Transforming Payroll in a Pandemic with Joanna Rowland #58

Joanna is an experienced Director General at HMRC. Joanna was also Programme Director for the Making Tax Digital project.  We discuss how HMRC managed to navigate the rapid changes required in response to the COVID pandemic. We discover how, against a backdrop of highly pressurised circumstances, HMRC successfully managed and responded to the many challenges they faced. From CJRS and changing furlough guidance to rapid testing and national legislation rollouts!

Developing Elite Business Performance with Graham Ravenscroft #36

Graham is not just an elite business performance coach, he someone who has supported the development of athletes at every major global championship, including the London Olympics!  We discuss elite level coaching and we explore the characteristics and behaviours behind high-performance within businesses and leaders.  We also examine how stress can impact performance and strategies for building resilience.