Diversity & Inclusion Thought Leadership with Margaret Ochieng #017

Diversity & InclusionNick Day from JGA HR Recruitment is joined on the HR L&D Podcast by Margaret Ochieng who is a Business Psychologist, a Diversity & Inclusion consultant and founder at “The Inclusive Village”, where she designs workplace solutions that enable people and organisations to adopt “a village culture approach to inclusion”.

I met with Margaret at a recent Recruitment and Diversity event hosted by CIPD London where both Margaret and I were invited to form part of the expert panel.  I loved her thought leadership approach to diversity and inclusion, which is why I was delighted that she was happy to join me for a more detailed conversation on this podcast.

Margaret’s approach to D&I helps individuals and organisations to identify and remove barriers to inclusion, performance and creativity posed by silos, “clans” and “tribes” that often emerge explicitly or implicitly in social groups including workplaces.

As part of the “village spirit”, Margaret is also organising a fantastic event for women who want to be game-changers in March!  Stay tuned to find out more about that later on in the podcast…

In this “Diversity & Inclusion Thought Leadership episode of the HR L&D Podcast with Margaret Ochieng we discover:

  1. What led Margaret to become a champion for encouraging businesses to deliver more inclusive talent assessment, selection and leadership processes
  2. How can organisations create inclusive and human-centric work environments where everyone has a fair chance to thrive?
  3. Why organisations should not be looking or candidates that are a “culture fit”.   Let’s evolve organisational cultures!
  4. Are getting better or worse from a D&I front perspective?
  5. What does D&I Research tell us
  6. How can we build resilience against “diversity fatigue” and why building a village approach can help.
  7. Why we must eliminate corporate checkbox systems and replace them with a way of life in the workplace that promotes inclusion
  8. The most important insights in relation to D&I as it is now within businesses
  9. The three pioneering and inspiring people Margaret would love to share a dinner party with – and why!
  10. Some immediately implementable D&I actions you can immediately implement after listening to this podcast?
  11. Why it is important to be curious about the status quo in your organisation
  12. How you can ask questions that will keep the D&I conversation open
  13. The journey that led Margaret to remove the “impossible” from her vocabulary!
  14. Why you should attend the “A Million Dreams Game Changers Event being hosted by Margaret in March, which has been designed to help women to make big leaps in 2020 and beyond!

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