Will Brand Video Games Replace Mobile Marketing?

Will Brand Video Games Replace Mobile Marketing?

As more and more consumers use mobile devices as their main way to engage with brands, mobile marketing has become an essential method for connecting with consumers. However, banner ads have been proven to be ineffective and video ads often feel intrusive on mobile devices. As brands have looked for ways to engage with users in a way that resonates, brand video games have become a popular choice.


Statistics show that well over 32% of people’s time spent on a smart device is spent gaming, and 67% of time spent on tablets is spent gaming. Not only are brand video games available via Google Play and the Apple App Store, mobile web games are also a great alternative for companies interested in offering brand video games.


As video games become more and more popular as a marketing method, will brand video games eventually replace other forms of mobile marketing? Here’s a closer look at why that’s possible.



Having a video game for your brand offers a variety of benefits to your company, including:

Easily Collect Important Customer Data — Create your own brand video game and you’ll need to have a way for consumers to log in to the game. You can require social media credentials or a valid email address. This gives companies an excellent way to gather data, not only collecting contact information, but data on what each person does while playing the game. Regardless of the type of game you use, you’ll be able to collect large amounts of data, providing your business with real-time feedback that can be invaluable.


Stay Relevant with Consumers — Offering brand video games also gives you a way to stay relevant with your customers, reminding them you’re present and engaged. Remember, customer engagement is essential for customer retention, repeat business, and building brand awareness. Increasing customer engagement is one of the main benefits to using branded video games, since it offers a medium through which you can interact with potential and existing customers directly.

Influence Buyer Decisions — Brand video games bring fun to consumers, and they can influence purchasing decisions and actions. Games have the potential to influence buyer decisions in new ways that would not be achieved through other forms of mobile advertising.



Since brand video games offer so many benefits, more and more companies are beginning to build games of their own. How do you build a successful branded video game? Here are a few tips your company must keep in mind:


  1. Tip #1— Set Goals from the Beginning — As you begin building a video game for your company, make sure you set goals and success criteria from the very beginning. Know the objectives of your brand and decide of a game will be the right solution. If you don’t understand why you’re creating a game in the beginning, there’s a good chance it won’t meet expectations.


  1. Tip #2 — Keep Games Simple — Simplicity is important. Users need to intuitively understand how to engage with the game and play within a few seconds. You can create deeper experiences later in the game, but the initial onboarding needs to be kept simple if you’re going to keep the attention of users.


  1. Tip #3— Plan for Longevity and Virality — Plan ahead to make sure you have longevity and virality for your game. If you want to create a viral wave, you’ll need a large group of players when you launch the game to get things going. Cross promotion and ties to various other marking activities can bring in that initial wave of players to the game. Keep game content fresh by introducing new characters and levels to ensure users keep coming back to your game.



In many ways, you can think of brand video games as the ultimate mobile ad for building brand engagement. As other methods of mobile marketing prove ineffective, these games may become the new face of mobile marketing, offering a cost-effective way to build brand recognition while fostering viral and social growth. Games also offer excellent engagement times, which means you’ll keep your audience’s attention longer than with other methods of mobile marketing.


Gaming represents such a huge percentage of people’s daily time spent on media that it’s essential for companies to start moving towards gamification. You can’t afford to sit on the side-lines as brand video games take over the mobile marketing marketplace.


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