17 Actionable Future-Proof Tips for Payroll Professionals

As the corporate world becomes more complicated and competitive each day, the function of payroll has grown to be valued more than ever.

Payroll is also becoming more strategic than ever. We are in the middle of a payroll transformation.

If you want to stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly changing payroll landscape, you will need to keep up with the changing trends.

Here are 17 tips shared by Nick Day on The Payroll Podcast:

  1. The payroll processing environment is rapidly changing. Payroll process automation is becoming increasingly common, enabling power professionals to concentrate on more strategic activities and enhance productivity.
  2. On-demand pay is one of the hottest topics in payroll today.  This is inspired by the desire to relieve workers of financial stress, resulting in happier, more productive, and better-engaged employees. Companies investing the maximum in this area focus on the employee experience for attraction and retention purposes. Nick also predicts that by the time he records the 200th episode, the traditional pay cycle will no longer exist!
  3. As companies continue to attract and retain top talent, employee experience will become increasingly critical. Remote workers are shaping the future of payroll as companies move toward hybrid or even fully remote models.  Start considering leveraging technology to create new and improved ways for employees to access their pay information and take control of their payroll.
  4. The payroll world has been changing at an accelerating pace. The need for knowledgeable payroll professionals will become even more essential as time goes on because of new regulations and legislation affecting payroll. Payroll professionals need to stay informed about these latest trends, and the Payroll Podcast is the perfect place to ensure that happens.  Meanwhile, using a niche payroll recruitment agency like JGA Recruitment Group can ensure you hire the specialist payroll talent you need to help your business scale.
  5. Stay ahead of the curve through continuous education and professional development. With the rapidly changing landscape in the payroll industry, you must stay up to date on laws, regulations, and software systems.
  6. Companies are increasingly shifting to a remote working model, which means more complex payroll processes and the need for more innovation. This shift means that your payroll practices must keep up with global taxes and regulations. It also means having a system that can handle pay rate changes based on location.
  7. The role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in payroll is growing. There are chatbots, ChatGPT, and other AI platforms hitting the market. AI and ML is also being used to improve efficiency in several ways, like automating repetitive tasks, providing insights that can contribute to supporting broader strategic objectives.
  8. Integrating artificial intelligence, machine learning, and payroll processes will become more prevalent. It will provide new opportunities for automation, data analysis, and optimization.
  9. Smart interactive payslips will allow employees to view their earnings history, compare their wages and support financial health planning.  Providing more transparency to employees will also improve workforce engagement.
  10. The use of cryptocurrency for payroll employees is growing. There are 300 million people out there with digital wallets. Expect to will see more and more crypto solutions hitting the market and infiltrating the payroll marketplace.
  11. Cloud-based payroll systems are becoming increasingly popular because they provide increased flexibility, scalability, and security for those with remote payroll operations.
  12. Many companies are looking for ways to improve their payroll processes and make them more efficient, but they’re also focusing on creating positive payroll experiences for their employees.
  13. Cybersecurity and data privacy is becoming increasingly important in payroll operations. It is because ransomware attacks, IT problems, and other cyberattacks are increasing daily. And these hackers are getting smarter by the minute, so we need to stay on top of our cybersecurity measures to protect your employees’ data.
  14. The adoption of pay-on-demand models will increase. These models will require payroll professionals to adapt to new processes. Such services can improve employee retention.
  15. The future of payroll will demand strong leadership and vision. It will be essential to have transferable skills, such as bridging the gap between roles or the gap between HR, Finance and Reward.
  16. We no longer live in a world of command and control.  The new world of work is focused on outcomes and creating inclusive, unmuted coaching cultures. If you want to leverage the best out of your employees, a coaching mindset is required.
  17. Focus on building resilience into your payroll processes.  The pandemic showed that the world is unpredictable, so testing systems and building in resilient processes will enable your payroll process to adapt to future unexpected changes.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that the role of payroll professionals is shifting toward more strategic roles, providing insights and analysis to business leaders that can significantly impact organizational success. Payroll professionals should take these actions to enable them to prepare for the future world of work, which will be filled with automation, analytics, machine learning and AI.


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Written by Nick Day, Managing Director at JGA Recruitment Group – The UK’s Premier Payroll & HR Talent Partner.

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