20 Essential Traits of a Successful Person

Who do you think of when you think of a successful person? Start thinking about successful people and you’ll quickly find that these individuals act differently and think differently.

They have habits and behaviours that set them apart from less successful people. The good news is you can learn from the habits of others. Start adding these traits to your life and maybe success (as you define it) will become closer than you think…

1. They lead from the front (but delegate when possible).
Successful people lead from the front. They’re leaders. They don’t want someone else to lead the way. However, they also delegate as many things as possible and empower the teams around them. Instead of trying to figure out how to do everything, figure out how to get things done, delegating tasks whenever you can.

2. They don’t do it if they don’t enjoy it.
If you want to achieve success, stop doing things you don’t enjoy. It is a waste of time and will keep you from achieving your goals. Successfully people do the things they love! So, whatever it is you are passionate about, do more of it!

3. They climb mountains.
Okay, so maybe they don’t all climb mountains, but they do set goals for themselves and stick to them, Successful people set goals, and once set; nothing should stand in the way of achieving those goals. So be 100% committed to your goals and do not stop until they have been achieved. Then set new ones! Keep advancing the boundaries and be adventurous (see point 4).

4. They are adventurous, take risks and explore the unexplored.
The road to success is an adventurous one, and people who achieve success are willing to take risks. Be willing to explore uncharted territory that’s never been explored before. When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone? Try it; it may open-up new pathways you never previously knew were open to discovery.

5. They may mistakes then bounce back from them.
On the road to success, you’re going to make mistakes. However, successful people learn to learn from these mistakes and then bounce back. Mistakes are a learning opportunity. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Demonstrate ‘bounce back ability’. If you muck up, learn from it, move on, and do better next time.

6. They strive for brilliance.
Mediocrity isn’t enough if you want to be successful. The most successful people strive for brilliance. Good isn’t good enough – great is what you should strive for.

7. They show compassion, nurture positive relationships and understand the importance of teamwork.
It is rare that one achieves success alone. Successful people cultivate positive relationships. Show compassion for others as you will find more positive opportunities occur to those individuals who nurture healthy relationships. Successful people also harness the power of effective teamwork to help them to achieve their success. As the saying goes “teamwork makes dreams work”

8. They stay healthy.
Staying healthy is crucial to achieving success. Most successful people exercise either the mind or the body (or both) regularly. Keeping the body and mind healthy is essential. Staying active improves physical health and your mental state, helping you on the road to success.

9. They are positive and enthusiastic (energy is everything).
Enthusiasm and positive thinking are huge difference-makers that sustain you on your road towards success. Being positive and enthusiastic is a choice. Even if you don’t feel like it, remember energy is everything. Aim to be the most positive person you know and the most energetic in the room.

10. They are persistent and never give up.
You need dogged determination to succeed. You’ve got to finish what you start. You need to be persistent. Remember, life will reward persistence. It doesn’t matter if you’re “qualified” or if someone else tells you something is not possible. Don’t let anyone else steal your dreams away. Be dogged, be persistent and then show those that doubted you later what you can achieve.

11. They take responsibility for failure.
When they fail, successful people assume the responsibility. They realise they’re masters of their own destiny. They don’t complain about the failures that kept them from achieving success. They don’t make excuses for failure. Neither should you. Success comes from first, being honest with yourself and then being honest with others. Take responsibility for the good and the bad and never stop learning (see point 12!).

12. They constantly strive to learn.
Learning never ends, and successful people realise that. Even if they’re not going back for formal education, they’re always learning new things. Learning from other people, reading, and heading to conferences etc. Striving to develop in all areas of your life and broadening your knowledge will keep the entrepreneurial spirit and energy burning.

13. They believe in themselves and their vision.
You’ve got to believe in yourself, even if others doubt you. Those who achieve success believe in themselves and the vision they have for the future. You’ve got to believe first before you can get others to believe. If you don’t believe you can achieve your dreams, you never will!

14. They don’t listen to negativity.
You’re going to come across negativity on your journey. There will be plenty of naysayers along the way. But successful people don’t listen to the negativity around them. To be negative is the easy option. It takes courage and conviction to be positive. However, it takes courage, conviction and positivity to be successful!

15. They are the most enthusiastic person they know.
The enthusiasm of successful people often makes the difference. Spend some time with people who have achieved great success. You’ll quickly find that they are some the most enthusiastic people you’ll ever meet. Harness this enthusiasm yourself, and you’ll be on the adventurous road to a prosperous future.

16. They say “yes” more.
Be willing to say “yes” to opportunities more often than others helps successful people get ahead. Sometimes embracing the unknown and just taking a leap can open doors and bring significant opportunities into your life. The next time you want to say “no” try saying “yes” instead and see where it leads…

17. They are giving and charitable to others.
Do you want to receive? If so, you’ve got to be giving and generous to other people. Some of the best relationships that can help you reach the success you crave could come from an unlikely source. By giving to others, you not only give something back to the community, but it improves wellbeing, promotes positivity and provides hope.

18. They act! They took their first step to success yesterday!
Sometimes the biggest step is the first step, and successful people are people of action. They take their first step immediately. They don’t wait around. Every step you take is going to get you closer to your goal of success. So, whatever success looks like to you, take that first step towards it today.

19. They work harder than those around them.
Most people never enjoy the success they want because they’re not willing to work hard enough for it. Successful people work harder than anyone else around them, which is why they enjoy results. Are you working harder than those around you? You know internally if you are working as hard as you can or if you are idling by. Be honest with yourself, then up your game!

20. They take the time to rest and recharge.
Yes, to achieve success, successful people work incredibly hard. However, push yourself too hard, and you’ll break. Successful people realise that they also need time to rest and recharge so they can push it to the limit again. Take the time to relax, and you’ll be more effective when you get back to working on your dreams. Spend quality time with your family or those that you love, after all, who is all this success you want to achieve ultimately for?

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