What are the essential tools for a cutting-edge Specialist HR Recruitment Consultancy?

We are told that we are in the age of AI and Robots and to some extent, these are essential tools that will need to be embraced for any successful Specialist HR Recruiter. However, these tools are exactly that, tools. Without the experience and softer skills of dedicated HR Recruitment Professionals who know their industry, these tools won’t take an HR Consultancy to the next level.

What are these tools though and what are essential?

1. ATS – Application Tracking Systems

It could also be called a CRM, this is a key tool to develop, monitor and maintain your specialist network of candidates and contacts. For me the system must be remotely accessible, JGA Recruitment always works around the clock and have clients across the globe so access to our client and candidate database is essential.

JGA Recruitment currently has access to the top 15% of HR Talent in the UK market. This technology means we can access this talent for our clients immediately and react in real-time to often very special and specific HR requirements.

2. Mobile Recruitment Technology

All our specialist recruitment software is mobile. JGA Recruitment uses single source recruitment tools that pool all potential candidate search tools into one place. This allows us to access all potential human resource talent in one go on the move. This covers LinkedIn, ATS, Job Boards for searches but also allows us to connect directly with passive talent as we are constantly growing our network of top HR Talent.

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3. Video technology

This technology has come a long way quickly. We have all used Zoom, Skype or similar products for pre-screening interviews and meetings however, there are some amazing new products out there now. JGA Recruitment uses Odro, it allows us to create video interviews with questions specific to our client’s roles. These can then be accessed by our clients anywhere, considerably reducing the time they need to access, assess and secure the top talent out there.

4. Social Media

Using a variety of social media platforms to communicate with the HR Talent market is essential. JGA Recruitment produces white papers, HR specific blogs, and Podcasts in order to engage with the HR market and continually develop our network of HR Professionals. This allows us to continually develop our knowledge of the HR Market and current trends and needs of our clients.

5. Dedicated HR Recruitment Team

There is a vast amount of new technology out there – AI for Screening, Recruitment chatbots, De-biasing Software, Geo-Targeting Advert Software, the list goes on. However, if you don’t have the skills and talent internally you won’t excel. Training, developing and supporting internal talent is key to creating a successful Specialist HR Recruitment Consultancy.

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JGA Recruitment continually uses internal and external training to ensure our team is equipped with the latest knowledge and skills to support our growing HR Client community. It allows us to offer both retained and contingency search models, fully tailored to the client requirement and budget.

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