Digitising Payroll and the Future of Work with Helen Armstrong #039

Silver Cloud HRNick Day is joined on The Payroll Podcast by Helen Armstrong is CEO of Silver Cloud HR, a leading digital HR and payroll consultancy which works with UK and global businesses of 50-10,000 employees to help transform their HR and payroll processes.

With over 15 years on the front line of HR, Helen started Silver Cloud in 2009 after recognising a gap in the market for a boutique HR technology consultancy which could offer cost-effective independent advice on the selection and implementation of HR and payroll systems.

Passionate about digital transformation and the benefits it can bring to organisations of all sizes, Helen is often invited to speak on the subject at conferences and workshops and is widely respected as an expert in the areas of HR system selection, automation and change management.

Silver Cloud is proud, with Helen at the Helm, is proud to be a woman-led business committed to supporting women in technology.  With Digitisation and automation at the heart of the future of payroll, this is one episode I am sure you are going to love.

In this “Digitising Payroll and the Future of Work” episode of The Payroll Podcast, we also explore:

  1. The experience that led Helen to launch Silver Cloud HR ?
  2. What is the state of the payroll landscape and what is its place in business?
  3. What are employees asking for?
  4. Common / key issues that digitisation/automation can solve?
  5. Are current providers meeting needs (now and in future)?
  6. What do you think is next for payroll and what does the future of payroll look like?
  7. What payroll services are Silver Cloud HR providing?
  8. Pay-on-demand – is this part of our payroll future in the UK?
  9. Silver Cloud HR is a woman-led business committed to supporting women in technology, we find out more about this!
  10. So, what’s next for payroll?

Links highlighted in this “Digitising Payroll and the Future of Work” episode are below:

  1. Website: silvercloudhr.co.uk
  2. Listeners can also pre-register for the three-part webinar on the future of payroll: https://www.silvercloudhr.co.uk/future-of-payroll-webinar-1/
  3. Helen’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/helenarmstrong1/
  4. To find out more about JGA Payroll Recruitment Services, please visit: jgarecruitment.com
  5. To contact the host, Nick Day, please email: [email protected] / 01727 800 377

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Thanks for listening folks – I look forward to bringing you the next episode of the Payroll Podcast real soon!