PayslipSmart Automation meets Global Payroll – – Fidelma McGuirk #027

In this episode of The Payroll Podcast, I am joined by CEO, Entrepreneur, women in leadership advocate, digital automation guru, global payroll expert and Founder of Payslip, Fidelma McGuirk!

Fidelma is also Founder and CEO of Payslip – the 1st Global Payroll Management SaaS for international employers and in this episode, we find out all about how Fidelma and Payslip utilise digital technologies to help empower global employers to centralise control of multi-national payroll processes and payroll providers through smart automation!

Fidelma, she is a highly experienced CEO who has experience working in a multinational company managing offices across 21 countries before pursuing her an entrepreneurial path into consultancy (and founding Payslip) where she supported many businesses requiring support with aggressive growth and automation through international expansion and process optimisation.

Fidelma joined Going for Growth, the brainchild of Paula Fitzsimons which is focused on peer support as a means of assisting women entrepreneurs who wish to grow their businesses – we find out more about this in the podcast!

In this “Smart Automation meets Global Payroll” – episode of The Payroll Podcast, with Payslip Founder, Fidelma McGuirk, we also discover:

  1. What inspired Fidelma to develop the  Payslip solution?
  2. The reasons some businesses are reticent to consider automation within their own payroll processes?
  3. What do “Intuitive solutions” mean in a payroll processing or automation context?
  4. What practical checklist or questions Fidelma recommend a global payroll manager should consider if they decide to change its payroll solution provider or vendor?
  5. How does Payslip build systems that provide a positive user experience?
  6. What other payroll innovations are Payslip developing that may help drive continuous improvement experiences for employers and their global workforces going forward?”
  7. What unique technologies does Payslip utilise to deliver automation and payroll administration reductions?
  8. Will we see this gender gap improving in Payroll?
  9.  Discover if payroll is an industry leading the way for female entrepreneurs?
  10.  In an era of Automation, Robotization and Artificial Intelligence, what will payroll look like in 5 years from now and how will the challenges that global payroll leaders are facing now differ to those they will meet in the future?

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