Making Collaboration Work with Richard Watkins #020

Making Collaboration Work with Richard Watkins #020

Nick Day sits down with Richard Watkins, a lifelong collaborator who started his career with BP where he spent 8 years across Research & Development and product strategy before working as a strategist with What If Innovation, where Richard ran over 75 collaborative projects in over 20 countries, leading teams to the creation of major brands and products in China, Europe and the US.

Richard explores human dynamics by creating models and tools that help people make good choices; consulting with organisations who want to make sense of what it takes to thrive, and playing with a range of creative projects.

He founded “Let’s Go” in 2013 to offer specialist support to organisations who want to get more from collaborative working. Outside of work, his creative projects have led to exhibitions in Beirut, Cape Town, Istanbul, LA, and his hometown London.

In this “Making Collaboration Work” podcast episode, we discover:

  1. What approaches should leaders, teams and organisations undertake to improve collaboration?
  2. What do organisations get wrong when it comes to collaboration?
  3. When should we collaborate and when should we not collaborate?
  4. How can individuals get better at collaboration?
  5. What are the five dynamics that need attention?
  6. How can organisations set up to make collaboration more effective?
  7. How can we discover the hidden conversations that unlock progress?
  8. Why organisations need to be more collaborative
  9. Is technology taking us away from the traditional face to face contact being a requirement?

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