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I Can And I Will

We are awarded the long-anticipated promotion, and we subconsciously relax for a couple of years – no one moves up again so soon, so why bother trying?

The first-time entrepreneur stays as a one-man-band because they don’t believe that others will share their vision or will work as hard as they do. A mum-to-be underestimates her worth to the company and quits instead of working out a suitable plan for returning to work after a while.

Doors close in their minds where they have no right to be closing. If you work hard enough, you can be promoted within another six months, why not? Of course you can get people behind your fantastic idea – you only have to tell your story. And as for new mums being truly welcome and integrated back at work, well, this is one of the biggest losses for our society over the past few decades.

These people can do all these things, but for whatever reason they choose not to.

There are however a few unique individuals out there, who are told that they “can’t” do something, but they choose to do it anyway. They can and they will. No matter what.

I am lucky enough to call one such person my friend. This friend is charity ambassador, athlete & adventurer, Gavin Sandford.

Gavin Sandford, for charity, has just completed one of the most gruelling endurance races known to man, the Marathon Des Sables across the Sahara Desert back-to-back! This Challenge saw him running over 300 miles in 45°c heat carrying all that he needed to survive on him. He got an award from the founder of the MDS we he also auctioned off to support the charity “Wounded soldiers and Children with Cancer.”

No one had ever done this before, so in the spirit of his charity “I Can And I Will”, he set out to achieve the hitherto unachievable. To make this feat even more astounding, two days before the first leg of the race, he slipped and injured his ankle. The doctor’s advice was seven days total rest, but two days later he was pumped up on painkillers, pounding the sands of the Sahara. To say that he was close to death on a couple of occasions would not be an exaggeration – the BBC even covered his extraordinary journey.

I have the pleasure of competing with (against) him on some elite obstacle course races, and the guy is a machine. His body isn’t so different from my body, but what truly gives him the edge is his utter determination to move the bar of what is possible.

I Can And I Will. He lives these words, and the blog of his two races is well worth reading for anyone who is standing in front of an obstacle in their lives at the moment. Until you have tried it and it has worked out for you, it will remain a far-off fairy tale, but if you adopt the motto and make it your own, you never know what you might achieve. When you look back yourself, you at least have a chance to achieve the unexpected. When you shrink from a challenge, you can only imagine that you would have failed.