Unlocking Performance with Josh Schneider – #007

Nick Day from JGA HR Recruitment is joined by on the HR L&D Podcast by Josh Schneider an expert in unlocking performance and author of “5 Days to Your Best Work Yet: A Human Like Approach to Better Work”.

Josh is a sought-after keynote speaker and i first came across him following after I watched him deliver a superb talk on employee engagement and change management that really resonated with me and so I think his view on the world and his strategies will appeal to you too!  Josh tackles the strategies we can all use to help us find meaning in our daily lives while at the same time unlocking new levels of performance

This HR L&D Podcast interview was my opportunity to bring his expertise to your inquisitive ears so I hope you enjoy the episode!

In this “Unlocking Performance” with Josh Schneider episode of the HR L&D Podcast we discover:

  • Why Josh believes all businesses can adopt a more human-like approach if they want to be successful in unlocking performance
  • How HR and Learning & Development teams can achieve improved employee engagement by unlocking performance
  • Achieving a successful HR change management project with employee support
  • Tackle the strategies we can all use to help us find meaning in our daily lives while at the same time unlocking new levels of performance.
  • Why Josh has a passion for Story-Telling – and why you should too!
  • New strategies and insights on how to win in the new business economy!
  • How businesses and individuals can be successful in unlocking performance, energy, and happiness!
  • Why great leaders to play to their strengths and do work that matters
  • Josh Schneider’s key strategies for unlocking leadership potential!
  • Josh Schneider’s 5 key strategies are to unlocking performance to achieve better engagement and improving happiness at work
  • What are the biggest engagement frustrations that Josh thinks should be disrupted?

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  • If Josh was given any super-power – what would it be?
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