LaughHR L&D “When we Laugh we Learn” with Celia Delaney – #004

Today on the L&D Podcast, I am joined by Celia Delaney – a keynote speaker and comedian who boasts a brilliant track record in HR Management, L&D and coaching.  Right now, Celia is passionate and focused on offering a totally new approach to Learning & Development.  This approach incorporates fun, comedy and encourages universal engagement.  It is an online course called iPersuade. This is a unique, affordable and scalable virtual course developed entirely by Celia following many years of research, testing and practice.  So what is Celia’s unique formula?  Celia believes it is focusing on the principle that “When we Laugh we Learn!”

A background in HR Management, Coaching and Developing Potential

Celia started her career at Unilever as a Human Resources Manager, before embarking on a successful freelance consultancy career, establishing a number of businesses. She’s passionate about presentation skills, talent management, personality differences and recognising people’s own unique potential.  Accredited in Facet5, Celia can also teach on MBTI and Insights.

Celia has earned the Level 5 Diploma from the CIPD in Learning & Development Management, is a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association (PSAUKI), an accreditation held by less than 100 people in the UK and she has also completed a Masters in Experimental Psychology at Oxford University.

An inspiring public speaker on effective presentation skills, persuasion, and confidence, Celia sometimes surprises audiences by singing during her speeches! She uses comedy to give her an original take on communication skills.  As a result, clients turn to Celia when they need to find original, fun and funny keynote and after dinner speakers.

Introducing iPersuade:

Celia has recently developed an online course on persuasion called iPersuade which is a complete skill set in 4 ‘pillars’ that form the foundation of your SpeakingSuccess Virtual Training Programme.

Through iPrepareiPresent, iPromote and iPersuade, Celia teaches clients how to write sales talks to groups and individuals; the secrets of great delivery; and, crucially, how to promote, sell and influence others as a result of engaging communication techniques that will always include elements of fun and humour.

Her clients have included: HSBC; Credit Suisse; Direct Line Insurance; Dresdner; Cabinet Office; Environment Agency; Vodafone; Arcadia Retail Group; News International to name but a few.

In this episode of the HR L&D Podcast, we find out more about how Celia combines comedy within HR and Learning and Development and hear more about why when we laugh we learn!”

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