Blockchain and Crypto Currency.  Do we really understand what these technologies are?  In this special podcast, we interview Anita Lettink, SVP, Strategy & Alliances at NGA HR to learn more about what blockchain and cryptocurrencies are, and more importantly, how these technologies will impact the future of Payroll and HR.

Anita is responsible for Strategy & Alliances globally where she is responsible for ensuring strategic value propositions are developed and brought to market for NGA HR.  Anita has written a number of excellent articles on Blockchain technology (links below in these episode notes) and it was these articles that led me to invite Anita to join us on The Payroll Podcast

This Payroll Podcast will attempt to demystify blockchain and cryptocurrencies, it will endeavour to separate the hype from the reality and will take listeners on a journey of understanding in relation to how blockchain, crypto and DLT technologies are likely to impact the payroll departments of tomorrow

Recorded on this special #Blockchain and #Crypto episode of The Payroll Podcast, we discover:

  • What Blockchain, DLT and Cryptocurrencies are and how this technology relates to payroll
  • How Blockchain technology may change the shape of the payroll industry as we know it
  • The biggest barriers to Blockchain adoption
  • The main benefits of Blockchain
  • Reasons to be cautious about both Blockchain and Crypto
  • Why we are yet to see businesses move entire payrolls away from user-controlled databases to blockchain systems
  • Blockchain security advantages and concerns
  • The benefits of both permission and permission-less blockchains
  • Will blockchain be used to process payrolls ever be fully developed as an effective and risk-free payroll solution?
  • How blockchain technology roadmaps are evolving in relation to payroll
  • Cryptocurrency – separating the hype from the truth
  • Will we ever see wide-scale company adoption cryptocurrency payrolls?
  • Why it is essential for payroll professionals to get to grips with blockchain!

To support this special Blockchain Payroll Podcast, I will also be releasing a series of 10 articles all focused on Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies and the future of Payroll on LinkedIn.  We have already released two of these articles which, if you missed them, you can access here:

  1. Article 1: How will Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and DLT technologies affect the future of Payroll & HR
  2. Article 2: Will companies start to payroll its employees in cryptocurrency?

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Go to to read through and follow Anita Lettink’s articles.

Anita’s articles on Blockchain:

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