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Marketing Trends | 9 Trends That Will Enhance Your Strategy

Over and again we hear about the same marketing trends that will help you in 2019/20. It’s clear that social media has been listed among these trends, but rarely do we see written the specifics and details of what you can and should do with this marketing trend. It goes far deeper than simple Twitter […]

Using Brand Video Games To Enhance Your Message

When you’re looking for new ways to engage with your audience and grow your brand, mobile, social, and brand video games are something that you cannot afford to ignore. Price Waterhouse Cooper (www.pwc.co.uk) estimates that the worldwide video games industry will be worth almost $20 Billion by 2020, illustrating the fact that games are no […]

Maverick Leadership for HR Managers with Judith Germain – #011

Since 2005, Judith Germain (Fellow CIPD) has been working specifically with leadership teams that want to become more maverick in nature. The Maverick Paradox builds and accelerates the development from her book The Maverick Paradox: The Secret Power Behind Successful Leaders.  Judith works with companies that need a maverick approach to their leadership because what they have, isn’t working.

Payroll Automation and Transformation with Lou Gray #033

Lou has a high-level payroll career spanning over 20 years where she has managed large teams and large-scale transformations.  An expert on payroll automation, we discuss exactly what it takes to future-proof your payroll operations as we enter a new era of payroll automation.

Rising through the ranks of Payroll with Jason Davenport #031

Rising through the ranks of Payroll: UK Payroll to Global Payroll Ops to becoming Chairman of the CIPP with Jason Davenport.  With a vast background that has involved holding prestigious, senior roles such as Chief Operating Officer HRS Division at Capita, Global Payroll Product Manager at NGA HR and Services Director at Logica CMG, this is one podcast episode you won’t want to miss!

Career Coaching & Talent Sourcing with Joanna Vinacour #008

Joanna Vinacour, a qualified Career Coach and an experienced HR professional, joins Nick Day on the HR L&D Podcast to explain exactly how clients & candidates can make better career-related decisions.  We also discuss exactly how employers can improve their abilities to not just recruit top talent but also retain it.

Unlocking Performance with Josh Schneider – #007

I am joined by on the HR L&D Podcast hot-seat by Josh Schneider, author of “5 Days to Your Best Work Yet: A Human Like Approach to Better Work”.  Josh is a sought-after keynote speaker and author and we sit down and discuss how businesses and HR departments can go about successfully unlocking performance to achieve better employee engagement and employee happiness at the same time!  Discover the strategies we can all use to help us find meaning in our daily lives while at the same time unlocking new levels of performance