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Making Collaboration Work with Richard Watkins #020

Richard Watkins, a lifelong collaboration expert, has ran over 75 collaborative projects in over 20 countries.  He has led teams to the creation of major brands and products in China, Europe and the US.  In this episode of the HR L&D Podcast, Richard explores human dynamics to help us understand how organisations can collaborate better to help them thrive, become more effective and progress.

Managing Mental Health in a Crisis with Jazz Pitt – #040

Managing your mental health in a crisis. Let Jazz Pitt, a certified Life Coach, help you to master your happiness during this COVID19 crisis.  We might be living in unprecedented times, but that doesn’t mean there are not methods, perspectives, processes and mindfulness techniques we cannot utilise to help us all navigate these choppy waters more successfully.

Updated Payroll Guidance v3 9.4.20

Some of you will be aware that HMRC updated the job retention scheme guidance for a third time last night (Friday 1oth April). There are a number of changes to the second version.  See attachments and notes below: CJRS-Service-Data-Item-Scope-v1-0.pdf Calculating-the-CJRS-step-by-step-v1-0.pdf To summarise the key points: They are maintaining the line that you can claim for […]

CJRS Portal Payroll Update

Another mega day of announcements CJRS Portal Update Download: HMRC made a policy announcement to the EPG last night, who are their main consultation group for payroll matters in case you weren’t aware. I am told that this is not confidential as no mention has been made of that in their communication. The question it […]

Holidays and Furloughing Staff

Also, as I’m getting lots of queries on holidays (understandably as it’s Easter) the download below is a very good article on holidays and furloughing from XpertHR (thanks to all my colleagues there!) – Kate Upcraft     Let’s Keep the UK Paid! Remember if you need support recruiting Temporary, Contract or Permanent Payroll or […]

Contingent Workers Impacted by Covid-19

Kate Upcraft has kindly collated the following detailed information from the Cabinet Office (She only wishes she had information like this from HMRC!) in respect to off-Payroll workers being included in the job retention scheme which was not what we had thought would be the case, although it isn’t clear if they can be subject […]

HMRC Covid19 Webinar Notes

HMRC Covid19 Webinar Notes These notes were very kindly collated Ros Hendren following her attendance on the HMRC COVID-19 Webinar     You can also watch the webinar in full here: Watch Recording   Remember if you need support recruiting Temporary, Contract or Permanent Payroll or HR staff right now, then please get in touch […]