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Payroll Bureau Representation with Barry Matthews #042

Barry Matthews, Bureau Strategy Partner at PayCircle, a payroll professional who has, right in the middle of this COVID-19 crisis, played a pivotal role in helping to launch a brand-new payroll association tasked with the challenge of improving bureau payroll services across the nation.  The Payroll Bureau Association – and we find out all about it right here in this Payroll Bureau Representation episode of The Payroll Podcast!

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace – with Woosh Raza #021

Recorded prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Nick Day sat down with Senior HR Leader, Woosh to discuss ED&I strategies for the Workplace. His passion for Equality & Diversity (BAME & LGBTQIA+ workstreams) meant I couldn’t wait to get his voice on the show!  Woosh is also an expert in developing strategic people plans that align with organisational goals and leading high performing HR teams.

Payroll Song Challenge – For Charity – Are you Game?

Payroll Song Challenge – For Charity – Are you Game? The Challenge is to video your team to singing part (or all) of the “My Payroll Career Song”!  Let’s get everyone singing “I love payroll”!!  Post the videos and tag #PayrollSong and #PayrollChallenge so we can see your creations!  Please tag Nick Day too so […]

Remote working demands a rethink about HR and payroll data

Remote working demands a rethink about HR and payroll data Article from Opinion 24 April 2020  Business Matters Right across the UK, HR and payroll departments are facing intense pressures generated by the coronavirus lockdown. Most are doing an admirable job, despite the unparalleled scale of the difficulties. Some 47 per cent of the UK workforce now […]

23rd April Payroll Covid-19 Newsletter

Download today’s Daily Payroll Covid-19 Newsletter here: Daily-Payroll-Covid-19-Email-019-23rd-April-2020.pdf  To make sure you never miss future payroll news, sign up to the Daily Payroll COVID-19 newsletter here    

Directors’ responsibilities during the pandemic

Directors’ responsibilities during the pandemic Describe the importance of directors and their responsibilities right now Identify some of the challenges around conflicts of interest Explain what wrongful trading is By Simon Walsh and Georgia Fisher The current Covid-19 situation has been very sobering for many directors and many have re-visited their duties to ensure they […]

Copy of CJRS example layout v1.0

Payroll professionals have been requesting this Copy of CJRS example layout v1.0. Please note that this is offered with the caveat that this is only a suggested format and does not need to mirror the document attached exactly as long as all the mandatory data is supplied’?