9 Key Characteristics Of Good Leadership

Good teamwork can make anything possible

Being able to motivate, and bring a team of employees with you; to act as one behind a particular cause and support your vision is one of the most valuable skills any manager can possess. In short, it is probably the most important quality which any company looks for in a potential leader.

If you are in a leadership position, getting others behind a particular cause is not always an easy task because your team members will not always see things the same way as you do. In fact, some of them may even oppose your ideas and decisions.

In all walks of life, a harmonious existence relies on us being tolerant of others; being able to accept the fact that we are all unique, and that we may often have different opinions. Unfortunately, this is often easier said than done, and under stress, emotions can run high, and so to be able to lead effectively, you need to be able to intervene, and you need to take on the role of peacekeeper.

In poorly managed teams where people are constantly in disagreement with each other, achieving goals can be virtually impossible. In well-managed teams, however, conflicts are kept at bay, because team members learn how to respect each other’s differences.

When an entire team all disagree with their leader, then we have a very different situation. A leader might have an idea which they believe is crucial for the job at hand, but his or her team may disagree. Of course, as a leader you are in a position where you can dictate to your team, but is it the best way forward? Is it not better to get your team behind you? Remember, every challenge can quickly be knocked off-course if your workforce is always chipping away at your plan of action. In short, as a leader, it is imperative that you get all your team members on-board if you wish to achieve a goal.

You Need Genuine Support and Backing

If you ask me, I would say that this is one of the biggest challenges one can face if you are in a leadership position. As a team leader, you have the authority to insist that thing must “be done your way”. It can be tempting to manage in a dictatorial fashion by asking that your team members do what you tell them to do, and do it the way you want them to do it.

Unfortunately, this sort of attitude rarely leads to success. It doesn’t matter if you are the president, prime minister, or a small business owner. If you are trying to implement a strategy to survive a particularly sticky patch or achieve a challenging goal, you need to get your entire team behind you; need them on your side of the playing field, with all of them pulling the rope in the same direction as you are.

9 Key Characteristics Of Good Leadership:

1. Demonstrate good leadership by leading from the front
2. Be the sort of person others would be happy to follow
3. Offer a realistic and positive vision of the future
4. Inspire your team members with passion, commitment and vigour
5. Make sure others in your team feel they are needed and appreciated
6. Demonstrate good values
7. Strive to create a work environment where improvement is continuous
8. Provide opportunities that allow your team to grow, professionally and personally
9. Show genuine concern for those in your team, and demonstrate compassion

Here at JGA recruitment, we take part in an annual charity cycle that will typically involve cycling from one European country to another. This challenge is one that many of us take part in annually even though many of the team do not cycle at any other time of the year. When we first suggested this challenge, it is fair to say that not many of the team were interested! However, when discussed further, a charitable cause agreed upon, and the details ironed out, the team took some time out to mull the challenge over. The response was incredible as the team came back and all agreed to “go for it”. An initially negative response has since transformed into a very positive experience and an annual event for our company. Eight years on and we have since covered thousands of kilometres and over 18 European countries raising funds for some very worthy causes while doing so. These events have not only raised money, but they have also become fantastic team building experiences that have had positive knock-on effects in our workplace.

For me, this confirms the way I feel about the importance of getting your team behind you. Let your team know why and what the end goal is, and suggest a possible direction for reaching it, but allow your team to reach their conclusions as well. They may suggest a somewhat different direction, and you should be open to that. After all, the most important thing of all is achieving the end goal.

Good teamwork can make anything possible – UNITY IS STRENGTH!

• What great things have your team achieved?

• What are your team targets for 2017?

• What characteristic do you think is most valuable in a team leader?


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