10 Steps to realign your diversity recruitment strategy – WEBINAR RECORDING & NOTES

Welcome to our Webinar: “10 Steps to realign your diversity recruitment strategy”.

If you were unable to make this webinar live,  here is the link to the recording: https://event.webinarjam.com/go/replay/1/lx64riytztgtk – (we recommend fast-forwarding the first 2m 30 secs, which is when we begin the content)

In addition, please find below a copy of the statistics and summary notes that I hope brings some of these steps to life, so you can use these to help you deliver an effective ED&I strategy post-pandemic.

The Password to access the PDF is: Diversity

10-Steps-to-Improving-DI-Recruitment-Strategies-Post-Pandemic-Webinar-PDF.pdf (514 downloads)

If anyone is interested in exploring this subject further, please reach out to either myself of Margaret Ochieng and we would be happy to help. Our contact details can be found in the attachment.

Whether you joined live, or enjoy the replay, I hope you found the content useful and engaging.

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