Pensions and Payroll Data Interface Standard launching soon

Andy Agathangelou Head of Pensions, CIPP. www.cipp.org.uk and Founding Chair, Friends of AE. www.friendsofae.org.uk is scheduled to meet with The Pensions Minister, Steve Webb next week.

One of the reasons is to explain the level of support there is in the market for a data standard for AE, which pretty much everybody feels would be a jolly good idea.  The good news is that PAPDIS, the Pensions and Payroll Data Interface Standard is going to be launched on 9th October, so despite all sorts of hurdles the power of collaboration is winning and as a result implementing AE compliantly will be that much less demanding, especially for SME’s and Micro’s.

“What we need to do now is to accelerate the rate of adoption of PAPDIS in the marketplace, so we get to “tipping point” pretty pronto.” Agathangelou comments – “The more support we can show there to be for a free and open data standard for AE that people can use, if they want to, the more we can accelerate its adoption in the market. The more it is used, the more successful it will be and then we have a virtuous spiral that benefits us all.”

There is an Old Chinese proverb “if you want to move a mountain, you start with one man picking up a small stone”
“So, please pick up your stone, so we can move our mountain!” If you have an opinion, please get in touch with Andy Agathangelou and make your opinion heard – and your stone can help move a mountain.

Nick Day, Managing Director of JGA Recruitment comments “I want there to be a free and open data standard for AE that we can all use, if we want to, because ultimately, it will alleviate employer workloads. Automatic Enrolment is already complex enough and we have seen first-hand the administrative burden and impact it has had on employers across all industry sectors. If there are options to streamline and ease Auto Enrolment’s byzantine process, these options should be implemented. Surely, simplicity and clarity is what everyone wants.”

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