Human into HRPutting the Human back into HR with Su Patel #023

Nick Day sat down with International Leadership Consultant, HR Thought Partner, Author and Speaker, Su Patel.  Su is also Founder and Director of HR Training and Consulting Ltd, where she also hosts The HR Leadership Academy and The HR Networking Club.

The majority of Su’s work experience has been within the fast-paced retail sector.  She worked for Tesco as a Senior HR Manager and Learning and Development Manager impacting over 300,000 employees and more recently she has worked within the Education, Insurance and Printing industries. She has been having an impact on HR for over 25 years and loves serving businesses and people.

Su now focuses her time on transforming HR by training and empowering HR professionals and leaders globally so they can continue to provide a world-class, human approach to leading teams.

Su is also the author of “Putting The Human Back Into HR – Success as an HR professional Begins With You” and which aims to provide leaders within Human Resources with solutions to build credible brands for people.  We discuss this Putting the Human back into HR concept in more detail to discover the key strategies that can help HR leaders to ensure people are always at the heart of a business

In this “Putting the Human back into HR with Su Patel” podcast episode, we discover:

  1. What are the critical challenges that HR leaders typically face every day and how can HR leaders ensure they are equipped with the tools to handle them?
  2. What motivated you to write your book “Putting The Human Back Into HR – Success as an HR professional Begins With You”
  3. What are the 5 areas HR professionals need to master to be effective?
  4. What is your HR blueprint for ensuring HR leaders can deliver a balanced approach to employee issues and make a positive impact strategically?
  5. How HR leaders can be more proactive
  6. Tips for creating an enjoyable work environment for employees
  7. What are the key leadership skills an HR leader needs to master
  8. The key strategies that can help an HR leader put people at the heart of its business
  9. What will be the future for HR

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