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Here at JGA HR Recruitment, we place HR Manager Jobs across the UK and EMEA.

HR managers that we place tend to be responsible for all Human Resources activities within a business and depending on the size of the company, may work across several sites in conjunction with other HR managers across the business, as well as the HR director.

HR managers will often take on many of the tasks including:

  • Creating and implementing company policies and procedures – often an HR advisor may create these policies, but they will all require management revision and sign-off
  • Ensuring that the company’s HR budget is allocated effectively and that it is fully adhered to. In the absence of an HR director, the manager may also be responsible for actually setting the initial budget
  • In the absence of an HR director, the HR manager may also be responsible for planning and implementing the future HR strategy of the business. For example, the role may include tracking global trends to ensure that the company’s hiring process remains effective for up to 3-5 years in the future
  • Liaising with inter-departmental senior managers to ensure that all company policies are being adhered to across the business
  • Undertaking investigatory/disciplinary meetings, with the authorization to take relevant disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal
  • As with many of the various HR roles, the above tasks are but a handful of those which a successful HR manager will undertake on a daily basis. However, these tasks should serve to give you an indication of the authority and responsibility which HR managers usually command within a business.

In larger companies, the HR manager we place will often have a team of reports, including HR advisors, HR generalists, clerical assistants and consultants.

As with any successful team, the HR manager will most often concentrate his efforts on training and improving their direct reports (HR advisors, for example), and then allowing these direct reports to distribute further work tasks amongst the larger team.

It should also be remembered that HR managers are directly responsible for all HR related matters across the business, and they often have the authority to overrule other senior managers in employee-related matters.

For this reason, it is fair to say that the HR manager role is one which normally commands a great deal of respect and compliance across each individual department of the business at large which is why we highly recommend working with a specialist HR Recruiter (like Steve Yardley) and one of the UK’s leading HR Recruitment Agencies – like JGA Recruitment

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