10 Strategies to Improve Recruitment Diversity Post-Pandemic with Margaret Ochieng #46

Nick Day from JGA HR Recruitment is joined on the HR L&D Podcast by Margaret Ochieng who is a Business Psychologist, a Diversity & Inclusion consultant and founder at “The Inclusive Village”, where she designs workplace solutions that enable people and organisations to adopt “a village culture approach to inclusion”.

Nick and Margaret team up to provide expert guidance on the importance of a diverse recruitment strategy, in addition to the benefits of having one.

Margaret’s approach to D&I helps individuals and organisations to identify and remove barriers to inclusion, performance and creativity posed by silos, “clans” and “tribes” that often emerge explicitly or implicitly in social groups including workplaces.

Movements such as the #MeToo movement, the more recent #BlackLivesMatter movement and repeated reports of entrenched diversity shortcomings at the top levels of business have highlighted that considerable work still needs to be done when it comes to developing work environments that are fit for purpose in relation to encouraging and promoting diversity and inclusion.

Many studies behind current recruitment strategies highlight weaknesses that need to be addressed if businesses want to improve their processes for attracting and retaining diverse talent.  Many of these processes are embedded in the cultural values, strategies, and behaviours of organisations.  Margaret Ochieng and Nick Day discuss 10 Strategies to Improve Recruitment Diversity Post-Pandemic and explore why it is essential businesses and talent leaders recognise the value behind building a robust diversity recruitment strategy.

By publishing this podcast, we hope we can help businesses and talent leaders to recognise the value behind building a robust recruitment diversity strategy.

In this “10 Strategies to Improve Recruitment Diversity Post-Pandemic episode of the HR L&D Podcast with Margaret Ochieng we discuss:

  1. Biases
  2. War on Talent
  3. Diversifying Talent Pools
  4. Realignment and Evolution
  5. Visionary Leadership
  6. Be Vulnerable
  7. Reap the Benefits
  8. Opportunities
  9. Be Non-Performative
  10. Transparency and Accountability

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