The Future of Payroll, Technology & Pay-on-Demand with David Ossip #51

David OssipNick Day is joined on The Payroll Podcast sofa by David Ossip, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Ceridian HCM Holdings to discuss the future of payroll, technology and pay-on-demand services.

Ceridian’s brand promise, which is “Makes Work Life Better™”, is a promise to deliver innovative technology that helps companies better engage and manage their employees and we will be finding out a lot more about how David plans to achieve this during the course of this podcast.

Now David is a transformational technology leader and serial entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience building and leading successful Human Capital Management (or HCM) technology companies and he is also the driving force behind the innovation, vision and leadership at Ceridian, which has grown to become a global HCM company committed to delivering quantifiable value to its customers and great experiences for their employees.

In fact, Dayforce, Ceridian’s Intelligent HCM platform, has grown at an annual compounded rate of more than 50% since 2012, and Ceridian now serves more than 4,600 customers around the globe. In 2018, Ceridian went public and its stock is now listed on both the New York Stock Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange.

David, who holds an MBA from Harvard Business School has been the recipient of many awards for his leadership, including:

  • The Ernst and Young Award for Entrepreneur of the Year
  • The Ernst and Young National Special Citation for Technology Innovation
  • Canada’s Top 40 under 40
  • The Waterstone Human Capital’s Most Admired CEO for Transformational Leadership
  • Is one of Glassdoor’s Highest Rated CEOs
  • The Arthur Kroeger College Award for Management

In this “The Future Of Payroll, Technology and Pay-on-Demand” episode with David Ossip on The Payroll Podcast, we also explore:

  1. A lot has changed over the course of 2020, particularly in the workplace, so what are your thoughts on the seismic shift we’ve witnessed in the world of work, and where you see it going over the next few years?
  2. While technology has been changing the way we work for some time, payroll seems to be one area that hasn’t seen the same scale of innovation, at least not here in the UK. With this in mind, what does the future of payroll look like from your perspective?
  3. How does Dayforce Wallet work, and what are the benefits you see it driving for both the employee and the employer?
  4. What was the catalyst behind Ceridian bringing this type of solution to market?
  5. What has the response been from customers, and what are your expectations for growth down the road?
  6. What industries, sectors, or types of employment do you think would benefit most from an on-demand pay solution?
  7. What is it that differentiates Dayforce Wallet in the market?
  8. What do you think the future of payroll looks like and do you think it is a future that payroll professionals should be excited, rather than anxious about embracing?

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