THE PAYROLL PODCAST with Nick Day, Director of JGA Recruitment & Guests!

Payroll PodcastThe Payroll Podcast was the first podcast produced exclusively for the UK and broader global payroll community.  Nick Day meets with payroll industry experts to discuss complex payroll issues, International payroll legislation, technology, systems, processes and compliance. My aim is to support the payroll industry and help the hardworking payroll professionals within it to prepare and embrace the future of payroll. 

We journey through complex payroll issues ranging from Robotic Process Automation; Blockchain; Cryptocurrencies; Artificial Intelligence and Wellbeing to Compliance; Global Payroll, Payroll Vendor Management, Payroll Bureau Operations and International Payroll Legislation (and more)!  

We live in a competitive world with dynamic global workforces. Let’s embrace these changes and develop strategies together to raise the profile of payroll worldwide forever. 

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AI & Machine Learning’s influence on the future of Payroll with Rohit Mathur #65

With global payroll, AI and Machine Learning all hot topics right now as businesses seek to transform and improve global payroll services, we meet with Rohit Mathur from Ramco who tells us about the latest payroll AI and ML-powered innovations… From AI-powered chatbots to Machine Learning-powered Anomaly Detectors used to spot payroll anomalies

Payroll Podcast Bryan Seely 600 x 400 (1)

Cyber Security: Phishing, Ransomware and a Web of Lies with Bryan Seely #64

Bryan has advised the White House and is the only hacker and speaker who has successfully wiretapped the United States Secret Service and the FBI, which has put him on the front page of, CNNMoney, CNET, Forbes, and The Washington Post — all in the same day!  Bryan joins Nick Day on the Payroll Podcast to discuss the importance of cyber security to protect yourself, employees and businesses against the increasing threats of cyber and ransomware attacks, phishing attempts, and the web of lies in Payroll.

Payroll in the Middle East with Diana Geldenhuys #63

Diana is CEO of both GulfHR and OPS (Outsourced Payroll Solutions) and an expert in the complexities and nuances of managing Payroll in the Middle East.  Emirates Women Award of the Year award in 2016, Diana discusses the payroll outsourcing market and Middle East Payroll in exquisite detail!