Payroll Song Challenge – For Charity – Are you Game?

Payroll Song Challenge – For Charity – Are you Game?

The Challenge is to video your team to singing part (or all) of the “My Payroll Career Song”!  Let’s get everyone singing “I love payroll”!!  Post the videos and tag #PayrollSong and #PayrollChallenge so we can see your creations!  Please tag Nick Day too so I can see them!  Not only will I offer a prize for the best entry, but I will also personally donate £10.00 for every entry tagged to the NHS Charities Together in support of hashtag#NHS.  Here is the justgiving link where you can track donations.

So please share this post as much as you can so we can gain some traction 🙏 and raise some money at the same time!

Here are the lyrics.  Just because we are in Lockdown and working remotely, doesn’t mean we can’t have some payroll fun!  So… you in??

Here is a link to the song if you need it! 🎵 My Payroll Career Song 🎵

Lyrics are below!

You can also send your entries to

My Payroll Career Lyrics