Whitepaper: Unleashing the Future of Payroll – Carpe Diem!

What a year it has been for Payroll, huh!?

By writing this whitepaper, I hope to bring some of my thoughts on the payroll industry, analysing what it has been through and more importantly, where it can go.

I wanted to unleash the shackles and shine a spotlight on why I think 2021-22 can be the year payroll practitioners get the recognition they deserve.

As a payroll recruiter and founder of JGA Recruitment Group, an award-winning payroll recruitment firm, I have worked within, and witnessed the payroll industry change and evolve significantly over the past 18+ years.

This whitepaper includes my thoughts on how I believe the payroll industry will change and evolve again as we embrace the future and all it has to offer.

I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful. I would love to know your feedback and thoughts! Please share them in the comments or contact me directly.

More importantly, if you work in payroll, what is your view on the future of payroll? Has your role already started to change?

View the whitepaper here

Written by Nick Day, Managing Director at JGA Recruitment Group — the UK’s leading HR & Payroll Recruitment Consultancy and Search Firm.

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