The Evolution of the Payday experience with Paul Gibbons #48

Evolution of the Payday ExperienceNick Day is joined on The Payroll Podcast sofa by Paul Gibbons who is Chief Operating Officer at PayDashboard, a company he joined in February 2016 as and was promoted to COO in September 2018.

Paul possesses an extensive background in payroll, having worked in various roles processing payroll both in-house and in a bureau. He is CIPP qualified with a Foundation Degree in payroll. Having experienced first-hand the pressures of working in payroll, Paul truly understands and respects the challenges faced by our clients, and he uses this knowledge to help to shape the functionality of PayDashboard as well as advise on legislative requirements.

In his spare time, Paul is a tutor for the Chartered Institute for Payroll Professionals (CIPP), educating and inspiring the next generation of payroll talent.

Paul is someone who has always been passionate about adding value to the payroll process and he says at Paydashboard, for him and the business, the payslip is just the beginning… so sit back, relax and let’s find out why!

In this “The Evolution of the Payday experience” episode with Paul Gibbons, on The Payroll Podcast, we also explore:

  1. What experiences from your payroll background do es Paul regularly draw on in his role as COO?
  2. How has the payslip evolved over the years?
  3. Should employers consider payday as more of an ‘experience’ these days?
  4. Financial wellness and creating a payday ‘experience’ but what part should the employer play in providing financial advice beyond payday?
  5. Technology is changing quicker than the skills required to manage it so how will future skills requirements change to prepare for what is coming?
  6. How is Paydashboard able to work with any payroll service provider or software without fear of competing for the same clients?
  7. What does ‘best of breed’ in the world of payroll really mean and how does PayDashboard take a different approach?
  8. Why are payslips so central to the evolution of the payday experience?
  9. What exciting developments can Paul share with the Payroll Podcast?
  10. How would Paul sell payroll as a career?

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