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Talent Management & the Power of Conversations with Hesketh Emden – #002

Talent ManagementIn this episode “Talent Management & the Power of Conversations” of the HR L&D Podcast, I sit down with Hesketh Emden

Hesketh is a multi-award-winning talent management professional to discuss his experience in developing employee cultures, his passion for promoting and training the power of conversations and of course, to understand more about his learning and development design and strategy implementation expertise.

Hesketh has successfully headed and set up a broad range of public and private sector Learning and Development functions, from Commercial Union during one of Europe’s largest mergers, to the Metropolitan Police.   In 2011 he was recruited by NHS England to lead on talent management, identifying future leaders across London’s 70 NHS organisations.

As part of government health service reforms, in 2013 Hesketh was brought in to help create the brand-new NHS Property Services, a Limited Company owned by the Secretary of State. In this episode of the HR L&D Podcast, we discover how, despite 3200 staff being TUPE’d overnight, he managed to successfully implement a Talent Management structure that supported building a new organisation with a single culture where there had previously been 161 ways of doing things.   Inspirational stuff!

Aside from Hesketh’s passion to promote and train ‘the power of conversations’, we also learn more about his experience at award ceremonies.  Hesketh was a finalist in the CIPD People Management Award in 2012 – ‘Talent Attraction & Management’; was winner of the Charity Learning Awards in 2014 – for ‘Using e-learning to facilitate change’; Finalist of the PPMA Excellence in People Management Awards in 2015 for ‘Talent Management’ and winner again in the HR Excellence Awards 2017 – for ‘Best CSR Strategy’.  Hesketh is very modest when it comes to his own achievements, but I know that our listeners will be keen to find out more about the man behind the accolades.

In this “Talent Management & the Power of Conversations” HR L&D Podcast episode, we discover:


  1. Hesketh’s work concerning “the power of conversations” and how this work has evolved
  2. The biggest challenges to making this type of training ‘mainstream’
  3. The tools and processes Hesketh has used to develop successful large-scale talent management programmes
  4. His experience in aligning 161 organisations into one single vision and culture following a 3200 employee TUPE
  5. How Hesketh’s work helped contribute to £5m a year in productivity savings for the NHS!
  6. Practical steps for you to immediately implement so you too can successfully develop positive communications
  7. We learn about his passion for supporting a Substance Misuse Charity and his work concerning the “Lazarus drug”
  8. Hesketh’s view on the impact that technology is having on communications within organisations?
  9. Why every organization should consider entering an industry award.
  10. The main challenges currently affecting Talent Management right now
  11. The key things L&D & HR professionals should be doing now to prioritise and develop talent in their organisations
  12. The reason why all L&D, HR and Talent professionals should embrace communications training?

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Achieving your Performance Goals

How to Achieve your Performance Goals – with Ryan Mathie – #012

Payroll Performance Goals

In this episode, “How to Achieve your Performance Goals” I am joined by Ryan Mathie, author of upcoming book “Holy F*ck Future” and highly experienced leadership and life performance coach who with over a decade’s worth of experience in developing the performance of CEOs and Directors through to industry professionals. Actors and Artists.

Ryan is considered to be one of the most highly trained and experienced leadership and performance coaches working in the industry right now.  In this episode of The Payroll Podcast, we endeavour to understand the motivations, desires and needs behind your payroll goals, results or aspirations.  Ryan provides listeners with powerful strategies and tools that you, the skilled payroll professional, can then utilise in order to achieve all of your professional payroll performance and personal aspirational goals.

The fact of the matter is, payroll is challenging.  Nearly every call a payroll professional receives is a complaint and the stress that payroll professionals can be put under can be overwhelming.  In addition, payroll professionals are rarely recognised at board level for the invaluable work they undertake in often very pressurised conditions.  This combination of factors can become a melting pot of emotions that can blur the path that will allow you to reach your payroll performance goals.  In this episode, Ryan Mathie talks to The Payroll Podcast about the seven key qualities required to deliver great leadership; the process you can apply that will unearth the true source of your motivations; and exactly how you can create more space in your life to provide you with the freedom you need to achieve all of your payroll career goals and all of your personal ambitions.

“Happiness is an outcome.  Success is an outcome.  An outcome is also known as a result.  We are results orientated human beings.  But the trick is to be clear about the results that you want…”

Your Payroll Performance journey starts here…

In this episode of The Payroll Podcast, we discover more about how you can achieve your payroll performance goals including:

  • How to apply a process that gets to the source of your motivations
  • How to create space, clarity and a profound new understanding of yourself and your goals.
  • How to tap into new thinking that will generate enormous power and an energy which will help drive you to cause the results that matter to you the most
  • How to handle and own payroll complaints so that they empower and motivate you
  • How to embrace creative and innovative thinking and use this in a professional context to achieve more
  • How to rethink the way you approach interviews
  • How to become an unstoppable leader and the 7 qualities that define great leadership
  • How to develop a strategy for payroll promotion or change
  • How to partner with senior stakeholders that results in them working with you to achieve united goals
  • How to achieve all of your payroll performance goals and lead a happier, more fulfilled life in the process.

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