How has WFH impacted our Mental Wellbeing? with Ama Afrifa-Tchie #39

Ama Afrifa-Tchie, Head of People, Wellbeing & Equity at Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England joins Nick Day, Founder of JGA Recruitment Group to discuss the impact Working From Home is having on our mental health in the new world of work.  Ama is a valiant cultural builder whose specialism spans people’s experience, workplace culture, diversity & inclusion, mental health and well-being, and corporate responsibility and in this episode, she brings a number of fascinating insights into how WFH is affecting Mental Health.

Mental Health Jazz Pitt

Managing Mental Health in a Crisis with Jazz Pitt – #040

Managing your mental health in a crisis. Let Jazz Pitt, a certified Life Coach, help you to master your happiness during this COVID19 crisis.  We might be living in unprecedented times, but that doesn’t mean there are not methods, perspectives, processes and mindfulness techniques we cannot utilise to help us all navigate these choppy waters more successfully.

Bad side of HR

The Dark Side and the Good Side of HR with Emma Wynne #014

The Dark Side and the Good Side of HR – with Emma Wynne is a podcast episode focused on employee engagement, mental health, wellness and workforce management practices that can improve happiness at work.  Emma tells us how we need to develop a better understanding of how to create and promote a happy workplace if we really want the people we employ to operate at their best.


Wealth Creation

Wealth Creation and Wellness with Om Suthar #009

Nick Day of JGA HR Recruitment is joined on the HR L&D Podcast by Om Suthar, Founder of SQRL, a wellness and wealth creation platform that allows employers to advocate for the physical and financial wellness for their employees.  Is this the future?

Payday Loans

Killing Payday Loans through Payroll – Peter Briffett – #023

Payday Loans are a reality for many of the 13 million Brits living in poverty right now and it is a constant cycle. Too many people are living payday-to-payday which results in high-stress, anxiety and often, high-cost credit. Peter is the man behind the start-up business Wagestream which promises will kill off the payday loan sector and end the ‘payday poverty cycle’.  But how does it work? Find out by listening in to this episode of the Payroll Podcast…


A Human First Approach to Payroll & HR – with Helen Patterson #017

Helen Patterson is a Workplace Expert with an in-depth knowledge of employer culture, brand and program strategy who has previously held senior Payroll positions responsible for building client and user-friendly Payroll & HR tools.  She believes every employee has the right to feel valued, which is why she developed her #HumanFirst mantra.  Since then, Helen has delivered talks to captive audiences at DisruptHR, the CPA (Canadian Payroll Association) and HRPA annual conferences on how organizations can create high-performance, people-focused workplaces.