Hiring for Diversity & Decoding Bias with Arthur Woods #58

Arthur Woods, a social entrepreneur and LGBTQIA+ advocate working at the intersection of equity, inclusion, and technology joins Nick Day on the HR L&D Podcast to discuss his Amazon Bestselling book, Hiring for Diversity and Mathison, his technology platform that equips employers with everything they need to manage their diversity hiring efforts.  Arthur is also the creator of the first Equal Hiring Index, which we discuss in detail on the show!

Effective Payroll Data Gathering for DEI with Caroline Drake #71

Nick Day, CEO at JGA Recruitment Group speaks to Caroline Drake, Chief People Officer at Award-winning payroll and HR solutions provider, Zellis to discuss the findings following a report, developed in cooperation with the Economist, that focused on diversity data to determine what it is that is holding back progress in delivering effective, data-led DEI campaigns. We also explore the Seven Principles for Effective Payroll Data Gathering for DEI that were discovered during the research for this report.

10 Strategies to Improve Recruitment Diversity Post-Pandemic with Margaret Ochieng #46

Many studies behind current recruitment strategies highlight weaknesses that need to be addressed if businesses want to improve their processes for attracting and retaining diverse talent.  Many of these processes are embedded in the cultural values, strategies, and behaviours of organisations.  Margaret Ochieng and Nick Day discuss 10 Strategies to Improve Recruitment Diversity Post-Pandemic and explore why it is essential businesses and talent leaders recognise the value behind building a robust diversity recruitment strategy.

Using VR for Good: Reducing Bias & Improving DEI with Dr. Robin Rosenberg #44

Dr. Robin Rosenberg, a clinical psychologist and textbook author explains how virtual reality (VR) can be used “for good” by helping to foster in employees a deeper understanding of how and why other people may feel slighted or marginalized, and how we can utilise immersive technologies to approach such interactions differently.  Dr. Rosenberg explains that by combining the science of psychology and emotional and cognitive learning, with immersive virtual reality and online learning, we can address incivility and demographic-based bias, such as that related to race/ethnicity and gender, to help create workplaces that are more respectful and inclusive for all.

Creating Inclusive Workplaces with Jes Osrow #41

Jes an all-around HR go-getter with 10+ years in HR, recruitment, DEI, and L&D.  Her goal is to create fundamental change by empowering inclusive workplaces and cultures that are inclusive, diverse, equitable, and accessible for all employees. As Co-Founder of The Rise Journey, she works to operationalize DEIBA (diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and accessibility) strategies as part of building foundational and sustainable organizational culture.

How has WFH impacted our Mental Wellbeing? with Ama Afrifa-Tchie #39

Ama Afrifa-Tchie, Head of People, Wellbeing & Equity at Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England joins Nick Day, Founder of JGA Recruitment Group to discuss the impact Working From Home is having on our mental health in the new world of work.  Ama is a valiant cultural builder whose specialism spans people’s experience, workplace culture, diversity & inclusion, mental health and well-being, and corporate responsibility and in this episode, she brings a number of fascinating insights into how WFH is affecting Mental Health.

Investing & Integrating HR Tech with Robert Hicks #34

Robert Hicks, Group Human Resources Director at Reward Gateway joins Nick on the HR L&D Podcast to talk about HR tech, employee wellbeing, reward programmes and Diversity and Inclusion.  Listen to this episode to discover why all firms should be considering investing in HR innovation and technology – not just the big brands!

ED&I with Woosh Raza

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace – with Woosh Raza #021

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace – with Woosh Raza #021

ED&I with Woosh RazaRecorded prior to the current COVID-19 Pandemic, Nick Day sat down with Senior HR Leader, Woosh Raza, Head of Human Resources and Learning & Development for a brilliant charity called Phoenix Futures and an individual who is incredibly passionate about Equality & Diversity.

I met Woosh recently when he kindly invited me to form part of a CIPD London panel which explored how we can improve diversity and inclusion in relation to recruitment practices. Woosh is an expert in developing strategic people plans that align with organisational goals and leading high performing HR teams.

Phoenix Futures are a charity committed to supporting those who suffer from alcohol addiction or substance abuse. The charity is well recognised in the sector.  Woosh has worked in senior HR roles for over a decade in the remit of generalist and as a leader of HR teams so it was an absolute delight to be able to sit down with him and talk all about Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace.

 As Woosh articulately tells us on the episode:

  •  Equality is having a seat on the table
  • Diversity is raising your voice
  • Inclusion is about having that voice heard

In this “Equality, Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace” podcast episode, we discover:

  1. Why it is essential HR and L&D teams address issues related to Equality, Diversity & Inclusion
  2. What does Equality, Diversity & Inclusion mean in the workplace context?
  3. What should and can be done by HR and L&D Teams to combat ED&I challenges
  4. Are issues related to ED&I progressing or regressing?
  5. How can technology help in address and improve ED&I practices
  6. What are the common pitfalls that organisations are making when it comes to ED&I?
  7. Why diversity leads to better profits?
  8. What are the immediately implementable actions an HR practitioner can take after listening to this episode of the HR L&D podcast?

To find out more about this “Equality, Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace” episode of the HR L&D Podcast is highlighted below:

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Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion Thought Leadership with Margaret Ochieng #017

Diversity & Inclusion Thought Leadership with Margaret Ochieng #017

Diversity & InclusionNick Day from JGA HR Recruitment is joined on the HR L&D Podcast by Margaret Ochieng who is a Business Psychologist, a Diversity & Inclusion consultant and founder at “The Inclusive Village”, where she designs workplace solutions that enable people and organisations to adopt “a village culture approach to inclusion”.

I met with Margaret at a recent Recruitment and Diversity event hosted by CIPD London where both Margaret and I were invited to form part of the expert panel.  I loved her thought leadership approach to diversity and inclusion, which is why I was delighted that she was happy to join me for a more detailed conversation on this podcast.

Margaret’s approach to D&I helps individuals and organisations to identify and remove barriers to inclusion, performance and creativity posed by silos, “clans” and “tribes” that often emerge explicitly or implicitly in social groups including workplaces.

As part of the “village spirit”, Margaret is also organising a fantastic event for women who want to be game-changers in March!  Stay tuned to find out more about that later on in the podcast…

In this “Diversity & Inclusion Thought Leadership episode of the HR L&D Podcast with Margaret Ochieng we discover:

  1. What led Margaret to become a champion for encouraging businesses to deliver more inclusive talent assessment, selection and leadership processes
  2. How can organisations create inclusive and human-centric work environments where everyone has a fair chance to thrive?
  3. Why organisations should not be looking or candidates that are a “culture fit”.   Let’s evolve organisational cultures!
  4. Are getting better or worse from a D&I front perspective?
  5. What does D&I Research tell us
  6. How can we build resilience against “diversity fatigue” and why building a village approach can help.
  7. Why we must eliminate corporate checkbox systems and replace them with a way of life in the workplace that promotes inclusion
  8. The most important insights in relation to D&I as it is now within businesses
  9. The three pioneering and inspiring people Margaret would love to share a dinner party with – and why!
  10. Some immediately implementable D&I actions you can immediately implement after listening to this podcast?
  11. Why it is important to be curious about the status quo in your organisation
  12. How you can ask questions that will keep the D&I conversation open
  13. The journey that led Margaret to remove the “impossible” from her vocabulary!
  14. Why you should attend the “A Million Dreams Game Changers Event being hosted by Margaret in March, which has been designed to help women to make big leaps in 2020 and beyond!

To find out more about Matt Somers and the links referred to in this “Coaching Skills for HR Managers” episode of the HR L&D Podcast are highlighted below:

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