Achieving a High-Performance Culture with Andrew Freedman #38

Andrew Freedman, discusses the strategies that can help provide global leaders with the foundations required to transform business growth.  Coauthor of the book: Thrive: The Leader’s Guide to Building a High-Performance Culture, we learn exactly what it takes to build and achieve a high-performance culture

Why Performance Feedback is Essential For Success with Tina Clements #37

Tina Clements is a high energy, Learning & Development expert and author of “The Art of Facilitation” who is focused on helping businesses to move  forward by motivating and growing talent.  Ciritical to optimising the performance of workforces is feedback.  We discuss the importance of giving performance feedback; how we can bring it more relevance; and why it is more essential than ever that we provide it as we move in to remote ways of working.

The Speed of Trust & HR Leadership with Stephen M. R. Covey #35

Nick Day asks the New York Times and #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author of “The Speed of Trust” (which has sold over 2 million copies worldwide), Mr Stephen M. R Covey, questions related to how HR Leaders can truly develop trust! Significantly, once trust has is established, we explore how it can positively impact and improve engagement and productivity. Is trust a learnable skill? Discover why Trust is the “One Thing That Changes Everything!”.

Stephen is also the co-author of the #1 Amazon bestseller Smart Trust. A Harvard MBA, Stephen also co-founded and currently leads Franklin Covey’s Global Speed of Trust Practice.

HR, Performance, & Attention to Detail with Chris Denny #33

Reduce mistakes, improve task accuracy, and improve overall productivity. Chris Denny is a researcher, trainer, author and consultant who specialises in working with individuals and organizations to become more detail-oriented. Following over 6 years of research, Chris has developed a system that can improve performance with attention to detail. Listen in to find out more.