Automation Doesn’t Mean the End for Payroll with Phil Bernie #99

Nick Day is joined on The Payroll Podcast sofa by Phil Bernie, Co-Founder of KeyPay, a cloud-based International payroll solution, to discuss everything related to payroll automation! I ask the question: “Is payroll is too precious to be left entirely to the robots”? Phil explains the importance of using cloud technology, compliance and automation to help us understand why automation doesn’t mean the end for payroll professionals.

The Future of Remote Global Payroll with Marcelo Lebre #97

Nick Day is joined by Marcelo Lebre, the COO and co-founder of  Recently, in 2021 following a $150 million dollar funding round, the business was valued at over $1 billion dollars. The business continues to evolve, and one of these evolutions has seen Remote take care of global payroll, benefits, compliance, and taxes. continue to help and support companies so they can focus on their most important asset, their people.  We find out more about this evolution to discuss the remote future of global payroll.

The Global Payroll Hyperloop with Ranga Seshadri #93

Nick Day is joined on The Payroll Podcast sofa by Ranga Seshadri, Neeyamo’s Chief Executive, who is known to be an inspirational leader and true visionary in the world of global payroll.  In this episode, we explore The Global Payroll Hyperloop concept and deconstruct the long-tail payroll challenges that can impact the global payroll cycle.  A new era is dawning in Global Payroll, listen to this episode of The Payroll Podcast to find out why…

The Journey to Payroll Directorship with Steve Bevan #89

Nick Day is joined on The Payroll Podcast sofa by Director of Worldwide Payroll at Trellix, Steve Bevan! Steve is an experienced Director Of Payroll skilled in Employee Benefits Design, Deferred Compensation, Payroll, and Payroll Process Improvement and transformation.  Discover what it takes to accelerate your career to the top of the profession!

The Payroll Podcast The future of Global Payroll with Danny Gillespie 600 x 400

The Future of Global Payroll with Danny Gillespie #87

Nick Day is joined on The Payroll Podcast sofa by Danny Gillespie, President, Global Managed Payroll at Safeguard Global. Danny has more than 20 years of operational experience, from working at pre-revenue startups to Fortune 100 global enterprises.  However, in his current role at Safeguard Global, Dannie oversees client implementation, global service delivery, client relationship management and partner management teams.

Next-gen Payments to Modernise Global Payroll

Next-gen Payments to Modernise Global Payroll with Matt Teumer #70

Exploring the delivery of next-gen payment solutions that can modernise the way organizations deliver Global payroll with Matt Teumer.  Matt joins NIck Day on The Payroll Podcast to help payroll leaders to understand how next-gen payment technology can improve operations, streamline payroll processes and entire modernise global payroll operations.

Global Touchless Payroll & RPA – with Richard Limpkin #59

Chief Product Officer, Richard possesses over 20 years of focussed experience in the Human Capital Management (HCM) and Global Payroll technology space where he has been focused on improving the efficiency of the global payroll process for clients worldwide. Being at the cutting edge of global payroll tech, in this Global Touchless Payroll & RPA episode of the Payroll Podcast, we discover how organisations can achieve global touchless payroll operations, we explore the impact of RPA on traditional payroll and we discuss the future role data and analytics has to play as the global payroll landscape continues to evolve.

Podcast Maria Mason 600

28 Years of Changing Payroll Landscapes with Maria Mason #45

Maria Mason, UK Director of Payroll Services at BDO, the UK’s fifth-largest accountancy and advisory firm to talk about how the payroll landscape has changed over the last 28 years.  We also discuss what is affecting payroll right now and how we think it will evolve again 28 years from now!

Mary Holland

A journey to the top of global payroll with Mary Holland #041

Mary Holland is one of the most recognized Certified, Global Payroll Professionals working in the industry right now.  We find out all about her journey to the top of the world in Global Payroll as well as her predictions for the payroll future.

Rising through the ranks of Payroll

Rising through the ranks of Payroll with Jason Davenport #031

Rise Through Payroll

This episode of The Payroll Podcast is titled “Rising through the ranks of Payroll: From UK Payroll to Global Operations to Chairman of the CIPP”.  We feature Jason Davenport, current Chairman of the Board for the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (or CIPP) and an experienced, senior payroll manager in his own right who also runs his own payroll consultancy called Calendar Consulting.

Jason is skilled in supporting clients in both public and private sectors and has experience in reviewing payroll performance, strategy and choices, whether in-sourced or out-sourced.

With a vast background that has involved holding prestigious, senior roles such as Chief Operating Officer HRS Division at Capita, Global Payroll Product Manager at NGA HR and Services Director at Logica CMG, this is one podcast episode you won’t want to miss!

In this “Rising through the ranks of Payroll” episode we discover:

  • The weekend that resulted in a steep career trajectory within payroll for Jason!
  • How Jason made the transition from UK payroll delivery into international payroll management
  • His role as Chairman of the CIPP and what this involves
  • What Jason believes needs to be done to raise the profile of Payroll, not just in the UK but globally?
  • The advice Jason would you give to someone with ambitions of running their own payroll consultancy?
  • The single piece of advice that Jason would give to someone working in payroll right now?

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