Payroll Question Time: The End of Furlough, Salary Sacrifice, & Payrolling Benefits #66

Join SD Worx and our expert payroll panel to explore all the key issues currently affecting the world of payroll!  In this episode we discuss: Right to work Guidance, Salary sacrifice, The future of pensions, The end of furlough,  Employment Particulars, Payroll Planning, Payrolling benefits and Recruiting and retaining top payroll talent!  Hosted by Founder of JGA Recruitment Group. Nick Day.  Recorded in July 2021

HMRC Transforming Payroll in a Pandemic with Joanna Rowland #58

Joanna is an experienced Director General at HMRC. Joanna was also Programme Director for the Making Tax Digital project.  We discuss how HMRC managed to navigate the rapid changes required in response to the COVID pandemic. We discover how, against a backdrop of highly pressurised circumstances, HMRC successfully managed and responded to the many challenges they faced. From CJRS and changing furlough guidance to rapid testing and national legislation rollouts!

Copy of CJRS example layout v1.0

Payroll professionals have been requesting this Copy of CJRS example layout v1.0.

Please note that this is offered with the caveat that this is only a suggested format and does not need to mirror the document attached exactly as long as all the mandatory data is supplied’?

Copy-of-CJRS-example-layout-v1.0.xlsx (747 downloads)





Holidays and Furloughing Staff

Also, as I’m getting lots of queries on holidays (understandably as it’s Easter) the download below is a very good article on holidays and furloughing from XpertHR (thanks to all my colleagues there!) – Kate Upcraft



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