Coaching Skills for HR Managers

Coaching Skills for HR Managers with Matt Somers #016

Matt Somers an MSc HR qualified leading voice on training and coaching in the UK.  In this episode, we focus on the importance of coaching skills for HR Managers to discover what coaching means, when it should be used and why.  We also learn that when mastered, coaching can drastically improve employee engagement, retention, growth and performance and enable you to leave a lasting legacy on any business.

Bad side of HR

The Dark Side and the Good Side of HR with Emma Wynne #014

The Dark Side and the Good Side of HR – with Emma Wynne is a podcast episode focused on employee engagement, mental health, wellness and workforce management practices that can improve happiness at work.  Emma tells us how we need to develop a better understanding of how to create and promote a happy workplace if we really want the people we employ to operate at their best.


Wealth Creation

Wealth Creation and Wellness with Om Suthar #009

Nick Day of JGA HR Recruitment is joined on the HR L&D Podcast by Om Suthar, Founder of SQRL, a wellness and wealth creation platform that allows employers to advocate for the physical and financial wellness for their employees.  Is this the future?

Career Coaching & Talent Sourcing with Joanna Vinacour #008

Joanna Vinacour, a qualified Career Coach and an experienced HR professional, joins Nick Day on the HR L&D Podcast to explain exactly how clients & candidates can make better career-related decisions.  We also discuss exactly how employers can improve their abilities to not just recruit top talent but also retain it.

Unlocking Performance

Unlocking Performance with Josh Schneider – #007

I am joined by on the HR L&D Podcast hot-seat by Josh Schneider, author of “5 Days to Your Best Work Yet: A Human Like Approach to Better Work”.  Josh is a sought-after keynote speaker and author and we sit down and discuss how businesses and HR departments can go about successfully unlocking performance to achieve better employee engagement and employee happiness at the same time!  Discover the strategies we can all use to help us find meaning in our daily lives while at the same time unlocking new levels of performance