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Payroll Leadership, Apprenticeships & Training with Mark Bremner #49

Payroll Leadership, Apprenticeships & Training with Mark Bremner #49

Payroll Leadership & TrainingNick Day is joined on The Payroll Podcast sofa by Mark Bremner, Director of MBKB Training!

Mark is an experienced Entrepreneur, Leadership Trainer, Problem Solver and Speaker. Possessing Inspiring and effective leadership skills, which have enabled the creation of several outstanding businesses, across multiple sectors, including award-winning training and business support, international brand management and even a top ten rock chart hit.

Having delivered business growth, strategic planning and leadership seminars, Mark has become an inspiring leadership presenter and business consultant. Providing business and individuals life examples with practical and thought-provoking developments to enhance both individuals performance in conjunction with that of their company.

With the creation of a new all-encompassing training and business support company specialising in the Payroll Sector, MBKB, Mark is now delivering one to one support, seminars and private consultancies.

In this “Payroll Leadership, Apprenticeships & Training” episode with Mark Bremner, on The Payroll Podcast, we also explore:

  1. Tell me about Payrock Payroll?
  2. You’ve assembled quite a team of Payroll Practitioners, what’s the strategy there?
  3. What is the payroll apprenticeship programme all about and who is it suitable for?
  4. From Training to Payroll, Online retail to Chart hits, what’s that all about?
  5. We find out more about payroll leadership training and the payroll apprenticeship programme
  6. Why MBKB, what is MBKB?
  7. How do you get so many youngsters into Payroll?
  8. How can clients access the Apprenticeship Levy and why should they consider taking on a payroll apprentice?
  9. How has the role/requirement of Payroll developed?
  10. How have you as a business and personally coped with lockdown / Covid 19?

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Payroll Apprenticeship Scheme – with Ian Holloway – #010

Apprenticeship Schme

Recorded with Global Payroll AssociationPayroll Specialist of the Year” Award Winner, Ian Holloway, this episode of The Payroll Podcast explores the journey taken by Ian and the Trailblazer team to get the Level 3 Payroll Administrator Apprenticeship in England approved and what this amazing achievement means for the payroll industry and the impact it could have on the future of payroll.

We will also find out more about what Ian believes are the biggest issues affecting the smooth running of payroll operations right now, his views on whether or not the HMRC could do more to help the profession and how he felt winning the coveted GPA Payroll Specialist of the Year Award 20178 and why, if Ian was ever abducted by Aliens, the one item he would take with him would be a nail file!

In this episode of The Payroll Podcast, we discover more about the Payroll Apprenticeship Scheme including:

  1. The four stages that this new apprenticeship regime had to go through before going live
  2. How other payroll professionals can get involved in similar groups if they want to help shape the future of payroll
  3. How payroll managers or HR managers can take advantage of the Level 3 Payroll Administrator Apprenticeship scheme
  4. Information regarding how the apprenticeship funding rules work
  5. What Levy monies can and cannot be used
  6. How employers can really get involved in benefitting from the apprenticeship training scheme
  7. How Ian believes the Level 3 Payroll Administrator Apprenticeship will impact on the future of the payroll industry


Thanks to the successful launch of the Payroll Apprenticeship Scheme, apprentices can now take a payroll qualification relevant to their apprenticeship level. Level 23 focuses on the core skills needed to work effectively in payroll. Topics covered include calculating gross and net pay and how to maintain accurate employee records.  It also introduces more complex payroll tasks – including year-end procedures. It also helps you develop effective payroll management skills.


Level 3 builds on what has been learned on Level 2, introducing more complex payroll tasks – including year-end procedures. It also helps you develop effective payroll management skills.


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  • To find out more about Cintra HR & Payroll Services, please go to:
  • Cintra are a multi-award winning provider of payroll & HR services supplying inhouse, managed, and cloud solutions for all HR & Payroll needs.

To access more information, about Apprenticeships, Funding and issuing Authorities, visit:

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