On-Demand Pay ADP

The Future of On-Demand Pay (Live from APA Congress 2019) – Anthony Peculic – #026

On-Demand Pay ADP

“The Future of On-Demand Pay through fully compliant pay solutions”

Recorded Live at American Payroll Association Congress 2019 in Long Beach, California, Nick Day sat down with Anthony Peculic, Vice President, Digital Payments at ADP to discuss his views on ADP’s leadership in the future of pay, the introduction of on-demand pay, offering fully compliant instant pay solutions and of course the importance of financial wellness to employers and employees alike.

According to the ADP Research Institute’s global Evolution Of Pay study, 79% of employees want to work for an employer that cares about their financial wellness and 98% of employees agree it has a direct impact on their employer – so we find out more about the new ADP solutions such as the Wisely Pay.

With access to instant pay becoming more and more popular in the payroll space (check out my previous Podcast recorded with Peter Briffet titled: Killing Payday Loans Through Payroll) it was a fascinating opportunity to be able to sit down face-to-face with Anthony on this short live episode of The Payroll Podcast!


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A Human First Approach to Payroll & HR – with Helen Patterson #017

#HumanFirst Helen Patterson, is a #HumanFirst Workplace Expert with an in-depth knowledge of employer culture, brand and program strategy who has previously held senior Payroll positions at ADP Canada, Thomson Reuters, CIBC, ADP, FootLocker, Champs and The Northern Group.  This is the last episode of The Payroll Podcast prior to Christmas so I hope you enjoy it!

At ADP Canada. Helen helped develop its Payroll & HR products and services.  Helen has also been a representative on two Canadian government committees with the Canadian Payroll Association (CPA), where she helped shape changes to payroll legislation that impacted payroll providers and employers alike.

Helen is an expert when it comes to developing best practices for building client and user-friendly Payroll & HR tools.  She believes every employee has the right to feel valued and with Mental Health issues related to stress and work on the rise, Helen in response developed a #HumanFirst mantra.  She now applies this philosophy to everything she does.  Subsequently, Helen now works as a consultant, contributing author and blogger covering all areas of Payroll & HR and she also runs a small consultancy called “Life Works Well” that helps organizations create high-performance, people-focused workplaces.

Helen is now a sought-after speaker, engaging a captive audience at DisruptHR, CPA (Canadian Payroll Association) and HRPA’s annual conferences and in this episode, we find out more about exactly how Payroll & HR practices differ in Canada from the way we process here in the UK.  We also discover what the similar nuances are too!

A huge advocate for promoting women in leadership and motherhood in the workplace – we discover her views on what businesses can do to embrace motherhood in the workplace and we learn first-hand why this is an aspect of Helen’s life that she is hugely passionate about because ultimately, businesses can do a lot more…

In this episode of The Payroll Podcast, we also explore Helen’s passions and mentorship skills, work-life and caregiving strategies and how she achieves her focus of helping employers develop strategies that can support employees to enable them to manage their life and work challenges more effectively.

If you are a Payroll Leader who is interested in finding out more about how to embed and develop engaged employer cultures, people-focused workplaces and high performing payroll teams and operations then this is the Podcast for you!

Helen’s mantra is #HumanFirst and she brings this vision to her client’s while enjoying some fun at the same time!  Enjoy the Podcast!

For now, may I also take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019!

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