Welcome to the JGA Recruitment Advanced Payroll Salary Calculator.

We believe this is the most comprehensive salary calculator for payroll professionals available anywhere in the UK.

Most salary surveys are generic, which do not account for the complexities found within the role of the payroll professional.

For example, what is the size of the payroll operation, what is the frequency or system used?  Are you transactional or strategic, in-house or outsourced, domestic or global?

In reality, there are many factors that influence a payroll salary.  We also know many payroll professionals are underpaid!

Being specialist payroll recruiters, JGA Recruitment felt it was time a new salary tool was developed that accurately reflected the complex roles payroll professionals undertake.

So, how did we develop the algorithm?  Well, we are glad you asked!  We utilised information from a number of sources, which we have included here

Test it for yourself!


  1. You must complete every question in order to generate a result.  This includes entering a current salary.  If you are measuring a salary scale, please input the mean salary.
  2. Where multiple options exist but you can only select one answer, pick the answer that you think has the most weight/is the most important.
  3. When inputting payroll sizes, if you work for a bureau or a firm of chartered accountants) select “Client Payrolls/Not Applicable” – do no input the size of the client payrolls.
  4. If you work for a firm of accountants, in “Sector” select “Chartered Accountants” (not Financial Services
  5. The number of client payrolls/bureau payrolls should only be selected if you are processing external client payrolls (it does not include your employer/subsidiaries).
  6. Once completed, please enter your email address.  Your results will be emailed to you [please whitelist info@jgarecruitment.com to ensure it is not blocked]
  7. We hope this helps!  We are always trying to improve the services we provide payroll professionals, so please let us know your feedback so we can continually improve!


If you are involved in recruiting new staff for your payroll department or indeed, if you are seeking a new payroll opportunity yourself, please get in touch!  We are a multiple award-winning payroll specialist recruitment firm that possesses over 130 years of payroll recruitment expertise.  Therefore, you can be assured that by partnering with JGA Recruitment, you will be working with consultants who understand payroll, who listen to your unique requirements and then delivers a payroll talent acquisition experience that exceeds your expectations.  Email: info@jgarecruitment.com or call us on 01727800377


Please view our full disclaimer here.  We believe the results are pretty accurate.  However, if you find any anomalies or if you have any questions, please email Nick Day, CEO.