The Payroll Podcast: Payrolling Employees with Bitcoin & Crypto Payments – with Jonathan Chester #60

Nick Day is joined on The Payroll Podcast sofa by co-founder & CEO of Bitwage, Jonathan Chester!

Bitwage is a top 7 blockchain company in the US and ranks top 21 in the world! Bitwage offers solutions for workers to receive wages in various currencies, including bitcoin – something we will find out much more about later in this episode.

Jonathan also writes for Forbes on all things bitcoin and blockchain-related for the Entrepreneurship section. Since joining the Blockchain ecosystem in 2013, Jonathan has consulted members of the European Parliament, Dutch banks & regulators, as well as the Californian Senate regarding the regulation of the blockchain industry; so, it is an amazing privilege to have someone with Jonathan’s expertise join us all the way from California for today’s show!

In this “Payrolling with Bitcoin & Crypto Paymentsepisode with Jonathan Chester, on The Payroll Podcast, we also explore:

  1. An introduction into the world of bitcoin and how it has become immersed with the world of payroll?
  2. What cryptocurrency is, and more importantly, why we should be excited about crypto/Bitcoin payroll?
  3. Should we be concerned about the Bitcoin & Crypto Bubble?
  4. Do payroll professionals need to understand blockchains or DLT technology before they delve into cryptocurrency payroll solutions?
  5. Is Bitcoin & Crypto payroll realistic when we consider how volatile the market can be?
  6. What about the tax implications for being paid in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies?
  7. How can a Bitcoin & Crypto payroll process help employee investment strategies?
  8. What is the Bitcoin cost average calculator:
  9. How can Bitcoin & Crypto payroll transform & revolutionize payroll tech, HR, etc.?
  10. offers payroll & benefits ready for the new digital era, both for companies and individuals, but how?
  11. The pros and cons of Bitcoin/crypto payroll? In fact, are there any cons at all? Is it practical for all businesses?
  12. How is Bitwage different from competitors in the crypto payroll space? (Strike, Bitpay) etc.?

Links highlighted in this “Payrolling with Bitcoin & Crypto Payments” episode are included below:

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Thanks for listening, folks – I look forward to bringing you the next episode of the Payroll Podcast real soon!