Running your own payroll business with Liz Robins #035

Payroll business

Welcome to Series 2 of the Payroll Podcast!

Nick Day from JGA Payroll Recruitment kicks off season 2 with an interview with Vlogger, motivational speaker, Instagram expert and Payroll Business Owner, Liz Robins of AS Robins LLP.  Liz is managing partner at the award-winning accountancy firm where she looks after hundreds of client payrolls ranging from 1 employee to over 500!

In this “Running your own payroll business” Episode with Liz Robins, we discover:

  1. The obstacles Liz faced to make her payroll business dream a reality
  2. How Liz started her payroll journey and the steps that led her to launch her own payroll firm
  3. The daily challenges you face when you run your own payroll bureau
  4. How to build and create a great payroll team
  5. The advice Liz would give to someone wishing to take their payroll career to the next level.
  6. The qualities Liz believes make for a great payroll leader
  7. We also discover what Liz may be doing if she never started in payroll!
  8. What Liz loves most about payroll and why it still excites her!
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