Building Modern-Day Payroll Resilience with Andy Nicol #85

Andy Nicol PPNick Day is joined on The Payroll Podcast sofa by Andy Nicol, a former British Lion and Scotland International Rugby Captain, member of the BBC Sport team and CEO of ABSTRACT an award-winning learning and development company specialising in Coaching Leadership, Resilience and Decision-Making.  🏉🏉

In today’s episode, Nick will be asking Andy about building modern-day resilience through his experiences as he transitioned from elite sport to the media and then to the business world through his journey from the changing room to the green room, to the modern-day boardroom.

What Andy has learned during his rugby career has helped him in his media career and the skills he has developed in his TV work have helped him in his business work and this has driven Andy to focus on supporting boardrooms with the ABSTRACT Accelerate Programmes, which won the Diversity Initiative of the Year at the Women in Finance Awards in Dublin, and has so far helped over 2000 women in UK, Ireland and worldwide to develop and manage their careers.

Andy won 23 caps for Scotland, was captain of Bath, when he became the first British player to lift the Heineken Cup in 1998 and he even captained Scotland in 2000 when Scotland beat England 19–13 at a rain-soaked Murrayfield to prevent England from achieving the Grand Slam! So Andy is someone who certainly knows what it takes to lead, be led and operate at the highest level, which is why Nick is delighted to welcome him to The Payroll Podcast show!

In this “Building Modern-Day Payroll Resilience” episode with Andy Nicol on The Payroll Podcast, we also explore:

  1. 🚀Could you give us a quick tour of your career to date that led you from the green room to the boardroom?
  2. 🚀How would you define resilience?
  3. 🚀How has resilience through the years changed?
  4. 🚀When did you see this shift start to change and why is it critical that businesses and leaders are aware of this shift and change?
  5. 🚀Can you share examples of people showing resilience?
  6. 🚀 The Kübler Ross’ Change Curve – how it can help you to understand resilience and our reactions to setbacks.
  7. 🚀Andy’s 5 pillars to help build modern-day resilience
  8. 🚀Tools & techniques to apply to improve our reactions to setbacks
  9. 🚀Why a “failure is an event, not a person”
  10. 🚀How does constant change affect resilience?
  11. 🚀Why understanding your “WHY” is essential.

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Thanks for listening, folks – I hope you enjoyed this Payroll Podcast and I look forward to bringing you the next episode of the Payroll Podcast real soon!