Payroll Automation & Transformation with Lou Gray

Lou Gray Payroll Automation

This episode of The Payroll Podcast is titled “Payroll Automation & Transformation”.  We feature Lou Gray, Northern Ireland CIPP Ambassador and Payroll Manager for Transitions, Operations and Delivery at PwC!

Lou has a high-level payroll career spanning over 20 years where she has managed large teams and large-scale transformations.  An expert on payroll automation, we discuss exactly what it takes to future-proof your payroll operations as we enter a new era of payroll automation.

Want to know more about automation and transformation within payroll?  Then grab a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy this episode!

In this “Payroll Automation & Transformationepisode we discover:

    1. How Lou worked her way up through the ranks to become Northern Ireland CIPP Ambassador and Payroll Manager for Transitions, Operations and Delivery at PwC
    2. What the challenges are that Lou believes businesses face in relation to payroll?
    1. What can drive an organisation to transform its payroll operation?
    2. How important the automation of payroll processes are becoming when it comes to payroll delivery?
    3. The key steps to consider if you want to ensure a smooth payroll transformation
    4. The qualities that Lou believes make for a great payroll leader?
    5. The common myth Lou often hears in payroll – which she debunks live on the podcast!
    6. What payroll means to her.

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The Payroll Podcast was the first podcast produced exclusively for the UK and broader global payroll community, and we have one primary aim.  This aim is to speak with payroll industry experts that can help us to cut through complex International payroll legislation, technology solutions and International compliance affecting global payroll operations and teams so that you, as a payroll professional, can utilise this expertise to improve your own payroll department.

We journey through subjects complex payroll issues ranging from killing Payday loans to GDPR; Robotic Process Automation; Payroll News, Blockchain Technology to Artificial Intelligence; Wellbeing to Compliance; Payroll Control Frameworks to International Payroll Legislation and more!  Discover how training, workplace psychology and career planning can also impact on your payroll operation.  This Payroll Podcast attempts to tackle all of these subjects with industry leading expertise and a little bit of humour too!

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