Managing Mental Health in a Crisis with Jazz Pitt – #040

Jazz Pitt Mental Health

Nick Day sits down with Jazz Pitt is a certified Life Coach to talk about managing mental health in a crisis.

Jazz works with Professionals and employees to reignite and prioritise their happiness. She has a BSc Honours in Business and is currently training as an NLP practitioner

Her website is and she has extensive experience of working with overworked professionals (which let’s be honest is 99% of the payroll profession) as well as vulnerable adults and suicidal individuals.

Jazz now inspires others to realise their own power, achieve happiness and life success. Her story has inspired lots of individuals to leap forward to achieve the results they desire, and we will find out a little bit more about her story later on in the podcast.

Managing your mental health in a crisis.

Let Jazz Pitt, a certified Life Coach, help you to master your happiness during this COVID19 crisis.  We might be living in unprecedented times, but that doesn’t mean there are not methods, perspectives, processes and mindfulness techniques we cannot utilise to help us all navigate these choppy waters more successfully.

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Of course, if during these times of crisis, you need support with either immediate temporary support to help with Furlough calculations or if you need support recruiting a permanent payroll member of staff – please also get in touch with me!  We have access to full work from home recruitment technology including video interviewing capability to help you recruit and onboard staff remotely.

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