LMS ThumbnailIn today’s fast-paced work environment, it has become essential for businesses to keep teams up to speed with the latest trends and methods but, in payroll, with everything else to manage, how can you possibly find the time to train your team effectively?  This is where LMS can help.

In this episode of The Payroll Podcast, Nick Day speaks with Shaun Wilde, CEO of Think Learning, a leading Learning Management Systems (LMS) platform provider.

If you are a payroll manager who is too overworked to be able to commit additional time and resources to train and upskill your existing teams, then LMS could be the solution.
Shaun has recently been responsible for leading the scale-up of ‘Think Associates’ to its new business name of ‘Think Learning’ with a vision to empower organisations to create safer and better places to work through the implementation of Totara Learn and e-learning services.

Shaun boasts decades of experience helping clients to develop consistent learning approaches that have helped businesses to improve training analysis, engagement, career development, reporting and compliance while reducing organisational risk.

With the recent introduction of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) and with payroll and HR compliance and processes changing at an ever-increasing pace, this may be the perfect time to understand how and why LMS solutions are now more popular than ever! Shaun helps listeners to understand how LMS platforms can both accelerate change and support organisations to engage their workforce in learning and development.

Shaun explains how LMS solutions can improve reporting, security, analytics, compliance, HR processes, onboarding, inductions, training, governance, performance appraisals, leadership programs and even health and safety.

Like any implementation project, Shaun shares his vast experience in project management methodologies, data cleansing, engagement and best practice processes to ensure successful outcomes are achieved. We also discover more about Shaun’s love of OCR (Obstacle Course Racing), his experience as a choir boy and as a junior army team kayak champion and why he thinks, on the whole, humans are completely bonkers!

If you want to find out more about how technology such as learning management systems can affect your world, then this is the payroll podcast episode for you.

If you want to find out more about how Think LEarning can support your payroll or HR function with its LMS solution then please click here to find out more:  Think Learning


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