JGA Recruitment Group Becomes The First Payroll & HR Recruiter To Commit To Planet-Positive Greenify Principles



JGA Recruitment Group has always been deeply committed to behaving ethically and sustainably, which is why the business has announced an exciting new partnership with Greenify Talent, the world’s first planet-positive recruitment solution.


Greenify (verb): To balance the environmental impact of a person, product, or service.


Carbon-driven climate change presents an existential threat to our way of life. That is why JGA Recruitment Group has decided to be one of the first recruiters to take a proactive step beyond traditional environmental protocols because these are not working. For the world to survive for future generations, businesses must start to consider the ecological footprint each employee it hires leaves behind.




In the new world of work, it is evident that candidates are becoming climate aware, and they are now choosing companies that match these belief systems. For example, 85% of people in Britain surveyed by IPSOS in 2021 stated that they are now concerned about climate change, up from 60% in 2013. Meanwhile, Generation Z said that “being environmentally friendly” was a high priority when choosing an employer (Mintel, 2019).


Subsequently, by partnering with Greenify Talent, JGA Recruitment Group has committed to being one of the first recruiters greenify its business by providing nature-based carbon credits that compensate for its greenhouse gas emissions.


JGA Recruitment Group is now encouraging its clients to share their commitment to positive climate action by asking them if they wish to greenify new hires. The new JGA Recruitment Group Greenify Talent Solution provides clients with several world-class environmental assets that offset the eco-footprint of one person for one year in terms of carbon emissions, plastic pollution, and global deforestation footprint.


It is an approach that goes beyond traditional recruitment services or sustainability protocols to deliver a tangible and measurable contribution in the fight to avert a future climate crisis.




JGA Recruitment Group’s Greenify talent solution will allow organisations to provide an employee value proposition (EVP) for every greenified placement by providing clients with a digital impact certificate.


Founder of JGA Recruitment Group, Nick Day, said:


“We partnered with Greenify because we were impressed with the company’s mission to push back against the accelerating destruction of our planet’s life support systems. Greenify are 100% committed to preserving the earth’s standing forests, regenerating deforested land, and stemming the flood of marine plastic damaging the ocean’s ability to absorb and safely store CO2. In addition, this partnership allows sustainability-focused employers to partner with a recruitment company like ours, knowing we take our environmental responsibilities seriously!”




This exciting partnership with Greenify Talent means a client who chooses to source a greenified hire can do so, knowing that JGA Recruitment Group will provide several natural climate solutions to rebalance a new employee’s typical annual ecological footprint.


Greenify Talent projects are thoroughly verified and certified to world-leading carbon standards. An eco-footprint encompasses the typical carbon emissions, plastic waste production and deforestation footprint of one individual employee per year. Subsequently, JGA Recruitment

Group, through its partnership with Greenify, will underwrite each greenified hire with the following offsets:

  • 7 tonnes of certified, nature-based carbon credits
  • 34kg of plastic waste recovered and repurposed
  • 8 trees planted


It is time that all recruitment businesses start aligning their processes with planet-positive, sustainable practices that help protect the natural environments surrounding us. This partnership between JGA Recruitment Group and Greenify will provide clients with the opportunity, for the very first time, to become part of the sustainability solution.




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