Getting Payrolls Ready for IR35 with Richard George #036

Richard George, Director of Education at The Payroll Centre discusses the complexities of the new IR35 legislation that comes into effect on April 6th 2020.  Richard provides practical advice to help you prepare for IR35 so you can develop a robust plan for payroll compliance.

Join Nick Day, Managing Director of JGA Payroll Recruitment as he asks Richard the tough IR35 questions that payroll professionals need answering.  Discover the practical payroll steps you can take right now to get your payroll department on the route to IR35 compliance.

Richard is Director of Education at The Payroll Centre with a demonstrated history (spanning 33 years) of working in the “world of Payroll”, now focusing on professional training, qualifications & coaching in the sector.

With confirmation that the changes to the IR35 regime will hit the private sector in April 2020, like it or not, the onus is now on the private sector to prepare for these changes ahead of next April.

In this episode, of the Payroll podcast, “Getting Payrolls Ready for IR35 with Richard George”  we discover:

  1. How did we get to where we are?
  2. What are the roles in business when it comes to the legislation?
  3. What should the engager consider their role is?
  4. What does determination look like when reviewing the status of a worker?
  5. How can Payroll professionals prepare?
  6. What outcome do you expect from the Government review of IR35? (Announced 7th Jan 2020)
  7. What do you think of the response of the likes of HSBC set a precedent?
  8. Do you believe the legislation is unworkable in its current form?
  9. Are there loopholes?
  10. How will these IR35 changes affect current workflows for payroll professionals?

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