Global HR/Payroll TransformationGlobal HR/Payroll Transformation & Emerging Trends – Jay Conforti #028

The Payroll Podcast, welcomes Jay Conforti, Director of Global HR/Payroll Transformation at KPMG in KPMG’s Chicago office to the podcast hotseat as we sit down and discuss how Jay has helped organizations transform global HR and payroll operations through target operating model strategy, operations efficiency, organizational design, technology, and outsourcing

Jay possesses over 15 years of experience in HR and payroll and he has successfully led three of the largest global HR/payroll shared services transformations performed over the past five years.

Prior to joining KPMG, Jay was a Senior Manager supporting global HR and payroll service delivery operational teams both onshore and offshore for a financial services company along with having prior experience in the HR outsourcing business area at a global consulting organization.

Jay is a seasoned HR practitioner is experienced in consulting with clients on current trends, strategic insights and service offerings as provided by various external HR and payroll outsourced vendors, along with assisting with process excellence, optimization, analytics and quality opportunities within their various HR functions so it was pleasure to have the opportunity to sit down with Jay and discuss his experience and his learn from his expertise.  Check it out!

In this episode of The Payroll Podcast, with Director of HR Transformation at KPMG, Jay Conforti, we discover:

  • What led Jay to become Director of HR Transformation at KPMG
  • How Jay has seen the role of the Payroll or HR professional change over the past 15 years
  • What are the top 3 emerging trends in global payroll and HR that are demanding Jay’s attention?
  • How Jay has seen global payroll & HR strategy change in response to advancing global Global HR/Payroll Transformation
  • The resources Jay uses to stay up to date with the latest trends, technological innovations and compliance within payroll and HR
  • The Global HR/Payroll Transformation project that Jay confirms is his most memorable!
  • The roadmap process Jay follows for scaling and preparing for major Global HR/Payroll Transformation projects.
  • What Jay believes are the biggest challenges in designing, building and implementing new Global Shared Services Solutions for global clients right now.
  • What does Jay believe the biggest challenges facing payroll and HR teams right now?
  • How Jay sees the role of the strategic payroll professional changing
  • Advice Jay would give to a company considering a Global HR/Payroll Transformation
  • The essential practices and strategic choices Jay recommends all clients put in place in order to manage risk and compliance
  • The 5 steps to achieving Global HR/Payroll Transformation success 
  • The most important qualities for effective leadership!

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