Pay Transparency in the Workplace with Rameez Kaleem #84

In the episode, Nick Day is joined on The HR L&D Podcast by Rameez Kaleem, founder and director of 3R Strategy and author of the best-selling book, A Case of the Mondays.

Rameez has worked in reward for 20 years, both in-house and as a consultant, and he possesses a wealth of experience in job architecture design, bonus/sales incentives, pay structures, and equal pay.

In 2015, he founded 3R Strategy to help more organisations build a culture of trust through pay transparency – a topic of increasing conversation within payroll and HR circles.

California has just written pay transparency into law, and the cost-of-living crisis encourages more open discussions about pay, pay-rises and what peers earn.

Rameez spends his time supporting organisations with pay rewards transparency, job evaluation and architecture, pay structure design and equal pay. So, if you are keen to learn more about what pay transparency is (and isn’t) to understand how we can build a workplace culture of trust, then you are in the right place!

In this “Pay Transparency in the Workplace” episode with Rameez Kaleem on The HR L&D Podcast, we also explore:

  1. What do the words Human Resources mean to you?
  2. The term ‘pay transparency’ is often misunderstood as simply the act of publishing salaries. Can you tell us more?
  3. In your new book, you provide a roadmap for how pay transparency can help build trust in the workplace – could you tell us about this?
  4. Could you tell us about 3R Strategy and the work or projects you are typically involved in?
  5. How would you recommend HR professionals approach identifying pay discrimination?
  6. How has Pay benchmarking been impacted by the new world of remote working we now find ourselves in?
  7. Why do you believe it is essential that employers should always publish salary bands?
  8. Why do you think it is essential that hiring managers stop asking for current salary information during the interview process?
  9. So, the big question for people is how can we build a workplace culture of trust – what would you say to that?
  10. How does the area of performance management link to pay and performance?
  11. For employers who wish to improve employee satisfaction but are unable to improve employee salaries right now, what would you say to them?

Links highlighted in this “Pay Transparency in the Workplace” episode are included below:

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